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Game of Thrones S7: special epsiode 6 (S7, ep 6)

As Game of Thrones S7 continues, we are back for another episode!

In this episode we will talk about the sixth episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (20/08). We will have one episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion…



Hello, hello, hello everyone! Oh my God! What was this episode number 6! So yes, sorry. I didn’t even ask you guys how you are. How are you doing? I mean, I am just blown away with this episode. I watched it already like 3 times and I can’t get enough of this episode! It’s really hard to tell with GoT like which episode is the best. In terms of scenes is easy. But with episodes is really hard. But yes, if this wasn’t the best episode it is certainly like in the short list of 3 best episodes of the series. But it might be the best one, really. Because it was so complete and it had it had so many wow moments. It was just… I don’t even have words to describe this episode. It was mind blowing, it was great, it was amazing, it was beautiful, it was scary, I was mad, I was sad… it just brought so many emotions. Even though I had spoilers and I knew almost everything that was going to happen, nothing.. it’s just like with the red wedding, nothing prepares you to actually seeing everything. Seeing the battle, seeing the scene with the dragon…

Let’s go and start at the beginning. We start episode 6 with the group. The same group that we just saw in episode 5 leaving Eastwatch. We see them walking and talking and some of the people they get to know each other a little bit better. So yeah, they are going. They are looking for the whites right. Because they have to capture at least one. We see for example Gendry, he’s complaining to the guys from the brotherhood and he’s winging as the Hound says. I mean he is complaining, so he is winging about what happened to him and the the Hound says: Look, why are you winging about? Then he points to the other guy who already died 6 times and he said: he died 6 times and you don’t see him complaining, do you? And then Gendry looks and he… what can you say right? And the the guy just gives him something to drink and he says good boy. It was not fair but what is done is done and he’s alive and yeah… move on, right.

And so we see then how Jon, he tries to give Jorah Lonclaw back but Jorah refuses. He says he doesn’t have the right to have Longclaw. And gives it back to Jon. Arya is really not so sure about Sansa’s intentions and she thinks now that she read the scroll, she thinks that Sansa was responsible fro the death of Ned Stark. Because she sent that raven to Rob saying yes, our father is a traitor and you need to bend the knee to Cersey… and Sansa said: well, I’m sorry I was just a child and they made me write it. I didn’t want to. I did not betray our family. And the way they were talking and everything happened and the way that later Sansa finds out the mask, the faces. I mean, begs the question. What is happening to those sisters? Is Arya going to kill Sansa? Or something that occurs to me is: maybe in some of those scenes we see like Sansa talking to Littlefinger and things like this. Did Arya already like wear Sansa’s face? Because we know, it is possible to wear someone’s face without them being dead. Because we saw how the Faceless men was wearing Arya’s face even though Arya was still alive. So, is it possible that maybe in some of those scenes we Sansa talking and doing things it actually was Arya trying to understand what was going on. And maybe that is when she realizes that it is actually Litlefinger playing around with them. From the beginning. That would be very nice to see. Or to realize that it was actually Arya in some of those moments and that Littlefinger, he thinks he is playing her but it was her playing him. That would be cool.

We go back beyond the Wall and we see the guys talking. We see the new leader from the free folk and he is telling the Hound how he is in love with Brienne and he wants to make babies with Brienne. And that is so funny, because he seems to be completely and totally in love with Brienne and Brienne just can’t stand him. And the the Hound is looking like: really? You and Brienne? Because they saw each other right. When she was looking for Arya. And then we see Jon and this other guy, the  … I keep forgetting his name. the guy who also died 6 times and they are talking about the Lord of Light and how he brought both of them back. And they are discussing and trying to understand why they are special. Why they came back. And the guy says he also does not have an answer that there has to be a reason why they were chosen.

Then we see a quick scene back at Dragonsstone and we see Daennerys and Tyrion talking and she says she likes that he isn’t a hero because heroes, they make stupid things and they put themselves in danger. And she gives like a list of all the guys in her life and in the end she puts Jon Snow. They talk about him and Tyrion indicate that there is something going on and she says: he’s too little for me. Lame excuse, right? They talk about Cersey, and how they might meet her. Because then Tyrion says that his brother promised to try and keep Cersey on a leash and he says how he promised to make the same with Daennerys. And she goes like: Why would you need something like this? And he says: well, you’ve lost your temper from time to time .. like yeah, you’ve burnt a few people you did not have to burn. With the Tarlys you did not have to burn the son, for example. You could have burnt the father to set an example but you could have given the son a chance. A chance to think and she goes: No, I could not have done that. And he’s: well, maybe you could. But you did not give us time to discuss about it. To see all the options. You just acted. And he says how I mean: you talked about breaking the wheel but fear is one of the things that actually keeps the wheel turning. So as long as you use that, you will not break the wheel. And he says how fear makes the power very brittle. Because if people only follow you because they are afraid of you there’s a big chance that one day they will turn against you, right. And this is all Cersey has right now. This is all most of the kings ever had over people. But that is not the solution that she claims that she wants. And the Tyrion touches a very sensitive topic. Succession and she’s not happy about it. She’s starting to question if Tyrion maybe is plotting against her with his family and she goes like: well, you are thinking about my death already. So I’m not … I don’t even have the crown and you are already thinking about what will happen once I’m dead. But I mean, I understand his point of view and I understand why he’s so scared. Because she could die from so many things, right. She’s going beyond the Wall, she’s going to fight the Walkers and she could just die there and then and then what happens. What happens with the future. So I understand where he’s coming from . I understand why he’s asking those questions but maybe he should have done it in a different way. Because she’s not happy about it. And because she believes she cannot have children anymore. So … in any case. If she cannot have children they have to find a solution for the succession.

Then we go back beyond the wall and we see as the Whites attack the group. The first things attacking them are huge white bears. And they are scary as hell!  We see the guys who believe in the Lord of Light. Their swords, they are like, they turn into flames. And then, as one of them… I don’t remember which one. He goes against the bear and the bear is like in flames. And the hound is just petrified when he sees that. He cannot move anymore. Because we all know he’s afraid of the fire, right? And so the priest goes to help him and we see like as the bear is attacking the priest. And he gets really badly not burnt but I’m not sure if the bear bit him or scratched him only. But its bad. Is really really bad. And the Hound, he just sat there, looking. Horrified about what was going on.

Here we see again how Sansa is like: what I am going to do! How could Arya know all these things. This is maybe one of the moments when  think maybe it was Arya doing that and not Sansa. That would be very interesting. Because is like everyone is playing a game here. And I’m not sure who is really playing whom right now.  It could be that everyone is playing everyone. Littlefinger is playing, and Arya is also playing and trying to find out. And Sansa is  fighting against this power urge that she has. She really wants to be important, she wants to be a queen, but … I mean, after everything she’s been through. Maybe that does not seem so important anymore. Who knows! But I really would not trust Sansa.  Not really. But it could be, yeah. It could be that Arya is… she understood that Littlefinger is playing them, so she is playing Littlefinger. She’s beeing smarter. Could be. Something that is very interesting is that Littlefinger tells her: Look, you should not worry because Brienne is here. So, if something should happen to either of you, she’s here to protect. And then next thing moment, what we see is Sansa is sending Brienne to Kingsklanding! If she’s so worried about Arya, why is she sending Brienne away? This is one of the reasons I think maybe .. either they both already know Littlefinger is playing them and they are already like in on it. Together, plotting against him. Or, it was Arya pretending to be Sansa and she does not want Brienne to be there to save Sansa. Something like this. I don’t know. There are too many open questions here. Too many!

Then we go back beyond the wall. And we see how they attack the small group of whites because  they need to get one, right. To show to Cersey and and also to show to Daennerys. And as Jon kills like the commander most of them like break. They manage to capture one who did not just crumble but then he screams, is like he’s calling for help. From the other ones. And so we see this huge army coming for them. So Jon looks at Gendry and says: Look, run to Eastwatch, send a raven. Tell Daennerys what’s going on and ask for help. And first of course Gendry says: no, I’m not gonna leave you here. But then he understands. Be might be the only chance they got. Because they cannot fight them all. They can’t just kill them all. Poor Gendry. He goes and runs and runs and runs and I’m not sure just how far it is but it seemed very far and it seems pretty cold. And he.. for someone who had never even seen snow before… poor guy. And he arrives at Eastwatch when it was already getting dark or dark. It’s hard to say. How the days work. But there is a moment when he’s going to Eastwatch where he stops somewhere. He looks at something and I’m pretty sure I was supposed to know what that place was, but I’ve no idea. It seemed like a construction or something that has burnt. No idea. Do you guys know what it was? Because I am lost there. And I’ve tried already to look online but so far have not found and answer of what is was. Because I don’t remember them being so close to Eastwatch before. So  don’t know what it was. But then again.. so we see Gendry arriving and he collapses and all he manages to say is: Ravens, we need to send a raven. Poor guy.

And meanwhile in the group, we see how they manage to like run and then when they realize they are on top of a lake maybe, or it is already the sea. I don’t know. But it’s water. But there is like a rock in the middle of it. And you see how they keep running to that rock and because there are so many of the whites, they are so heavy … there is a point where they get where the ice just starts to break so they all stop. And it’s a beautiful scene. They made it from the air. You see them on top of the rock and then like a blank space and then they are surrounded , completely surrounded by whites. And they stay like that for quite some time. They go through the night and .. poor guys, they must be freezing because they don’t have fire, they don’t have anything, right. And when they wake up next morning the priest is dead. So Thoros is dead and the Hound, he takes his… the flask of drink (whatever it was that he was carrying) and he drinks from it. But then, as he was going to drink again, Jon takes it and he says: we need to burn his body, because otherwise he will just become a White himself. Then the guy said: well, if we only had  some fire, right? But then Beric, he makes his sword  burn. I’ not sure how they do that but he touches the sword and it starts burning. And they burn Thoros body. And so they are discussing about how to end this. How they could even have a choice of not just  all dying there. Have a chance to deliver the one White they captured to Daennerys. An so Beric says they could just kill the Night King right. Because he turned them all. So if they kill the one guy everyone else will just crumble. But yeah, this is easier said than done. Because he’s always far far away. He’s well protected. Is not easy to kill the guy. We see the Hound is getting restless with the situation and he throws a rock at one of those whites. And it knocks the guy but he doesn’t really move cause they don’t get angry or anything like that. But then when he throws the second rock, he doesn’t really put enough force s the rock slides and then that show to them, to the whites that the ice is holding now. So you see how slowly but surely the whites are walking towards them and then they go like: Holly mother, right? They are coming! They could have waited a little bit longer until Danny arrives but no, Hound is … he doesn’t have patience.

And the we see this like … I think the scene lasted like 4, 5 minutes but seems it lasts forever. We see how the whites are just taking them and attacking them and … I mean. I already knew what was going to happen but still I .. it felt for me like it was never ending. Like poor guys and they’re all gonna die or something like this. I knew basically what was going to happen but I did not know who exactly was going to die or not. So yeah, and with GoT we all know, we should be worried for everyone and anyone. But the again after 4, 5 minutes of the Whites just  winning and attacking we see Drogon and the other 2 dragons as well. So they just ‘dracarys’ on them. This gives them some time and advantage to be able to escape. So, Daennerys she lands with Drogon so that they could jump on the dragon . but then,    the Night King. The guy is clever maybe. And he sees an opportunity to kill the dragons. But the yeah, Jon snow stayed a little bit behind because he was just holding the Whites as the other ones were mounting Drogon, if you want. And then we all see how the Night King throws this spear ,  I think you could call it. And instead of doing that with Drogon, he does that (I think it was with Vyserion). And this is a big big question from a lot of people. Because Drogon was  a lot nearer the guy and .. but the other one was in the air so not sure why he decided to kill that dragon and not the other one.  We see how the dragon falls and goes into the water and that moment was so heartbreaking, really. I mean, I’ve read about quite a few people who actually cried seeing this scene.   Because it was, it was . I knew it was going to happen but still, it is heartbreaking to see one of those beautiful dragons just dying like that. And the of course, if it could not get any worse, Daennerys just lost a baby , one of her children. We see how  Jo n  Snow just falls into the water and she cannot do anything to save him. She has to leave him behind because they are coming. And the Night king is already preparing to attack Drogon as well. And if she loses Drogon as well then they would be in huge trouble. She has to leave not only her dragon behind but also Jon Snow without knowing even if Jon snow is dead or alive. And that was a very very tense moment, I must say. George Martin already killed the guy once, so why not do it twice. But then, a few moments later we see that he’s alive. He comes out of the water and poor guy. He must be freezing. Because it was cold and the water was very cold. He steps out of it and he’s trying to move , try and go away, but then he’s saved by his uncle Benjen . Benjen arrives on  a horse and opens sort of a way for him. But then, to give Jon a  chance to escape, Benjen stays behind and sacrifices himself. Next thing we know, we see Eastwatch and the group is preparing to leave, but Daennerys is still on one of those lookouts and she looks so sad. Jorah says: look, it’s time to go.

And she says like: let’s just wait a little bit longer. Because she still has hope that Jon Snow is alive and he’s coming. And he is, right. We know he is. As she gives up and she’s going down we hear the horn. The horn that says someone is coming. Jon Snow  arrived at the last moment possible, of course! And the they take him already to the ship and they sail away. They don’t even treat him in Eastwatch. They sail to Drangonstone and we see how Daennerys. She stays in the background, if you want, but she sees how they are treating him and when they take his clothes away, she can see the scars from when they stabbed him. And then she probably understands that Davos wasn’t  just being theatrical when he said that they stabbed him in the heart. They really did and he’s… somehow he is still alive. And we see how then Jon wakes up and she’s there and she’s waiting for him. It’s a really nice and touching moment. And yeah, very romantic! Oh yeah, they hold hands and he says he’s so sorry. He wishes they had never gone beyond the wall. He had never called for her. And she says: I don’t. because ei had to see it. I had to see it to believe. And now I know.  And that’s when she says: you have to understand the dragons are the only children I can ever have. And he (the Night King) killed one of them. So I will help you destroy this guy. And then, surprise surprise! I says well, I wish I could bend the knee but you know, is … I can’t. now we know he bends the knee to Daennerys and the they hold hands a little bit too long. We see the moment. And Daennerys understands the moment and she takes the hand away. And she says well, you should rest. And I will leave. Let’s see what will happen in the last episode . oh my God! Oh my God! What will happen in the last episode! I know it’s a long episode but still there’s still too many things to happen before  we have to wait at least a year. Some people are talking 2019. Way too long. For us to have the last season . but men, yeah. The story is just getting better and better. Let’s see. I probably forgot something. Yes, yes, of course! Last scene we see the Whites taking the dragon out of the water  and then comes the Night King , touches him and he opens his eyes and we have yes! We have an ice dragon now! What that means, no idea. No idea what that means. Does the dragon like spit ice? Some sort of … I don’t know. No idea. I mean, George Martin, he wrote a book about an ice dragon but no idea if he’s going to respect the rules sort of that he used in that book. So I am really excited to see what is going to happen in the last episode of this season! So guys,  again thank you for listening ! please just tell me what you think, did you like it, didn’t you like  the episode, the podcast, and share it with your friends  and give us a thumbs up if you liked it. And I will talk to you very very soon again. On the next episode, okay? Bye bye!


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