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Game of Thrones S7: special episode 4 (S7, ep 4)

As Game of Thrones S7 continues, we are back for another episode!

In this episode we will talk about the fourth episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (06/08). We will have one episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion…



Good morning, everyone! How are you doing? And how is GoT going for you? Man! This season is just amazing! Really. I cannot believe that it’s gonna end in season 8 already! Because  it’s just too good to end. But well, I guess all really great things have to come to an end. And what did you think of the first 3 episodes? Did you enjoy it? Do you think they were good or they could have been better? Were you expecting something different?  I am just loving it! I must say, as the story continues I am loving it more and more every single episode.

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Now, let’s go to episode number 4! Where do we start with episode number 4. We start with the Lannister’s army and Jamie is paying Bron and we see the wagon with all the gold inside. As Jamie gives Bron his share, Bron is not really happy. Jamie cannot understand why. And Bron says: well, this is not a castle. You promised me a title, a castle. I want a  castle, not just the money. Money is nice, but he wants more. Bron also does not understand why it is that Jamie is so unhappy. Let’s say it like that. After killing Olenna he knows that Tyrion was not responsible for killing Joffrey among other things, right. So, he’s not very happy. And then we see the Tarlys, they come and Bron is supposed to help them let’s say make people give the Lannister army their food, their stock… because let’s remind here, people, winter is here. Is not coming anymore. It’s here. And it’s supposed to be like the longest in I don’t know how many years. They are gonna need as much food as they can get hands on. To survive that long.

And then we got o Kingslanding and we see Cersey and the guy from the Iron Bank. She assures him that the gold is on its way. That her brother is bringing it. And he says that they, the Lannisters, they will have the help from the Iron bank as soon as they get their gold. So, as soon as they get their gold, Cersey has a new ally, the bank. And then they also talk about hiring mercenaries . because, they don’t really have like a huge army any more. Because they lost a  lot of allies. So they are talking about hiring mercenaries to work for Cersey.

And then, we go back to Winterfell and what we see is Littlefinger . he’s always plotting, isn’t he? I mean, come on! That guy! I would like to have a better idea on how his mind works, because it’s very intricate, it’s a very complicated mind. And he gives the dagger to Bran. He has no idea who Bran now is, right. He has no idea Bran now is the 3 eyed raven. That Bran knows it all. I’m just not sure how much from … about the future Bran knows. But he knows everything that already happened and that is happening right now. Sorry man, you are barking on the wrong tree. You are not going to influence Bran in any way. Because he’s just smart that way. Littlefinger is giving Bran the dagger that was used to try and kill him. After he fell. And he tells Bran that he’s there for Cat now. Cat, their mum right. And that anything that Bran needs he should just ask. And he said something that for me was very interesting. He (Littlefinger) said that this dagger was indirectly responsible for the war. And, let’s think. He’s not wrong, but we are not sure who exactly was responsible for trying to kill Bran. Or where exactly this dagger came from. It’s valiryan steel. So we know this dagger can also kill white walkers. But who sent the guy and who owned the dagger? Was it Littlefinger’s? because if it is, he just admitted that he indirectly caused this whole war. And then, something that may actually prove my point, is what Bran says to Littlefinger a moment later. He says something that Littlefinger told Varys a long long time ago in season 2 or 3 maybe. He quotes him and says: chaos is a ladder. And Littlefinger looks at him like – what are you talking about? Where have you heard this? But then, in that moment Myra arrives and so he leaves. We will have to wait and see what Bran has in store for Littlefinger.

So, Myra is there and poor Myra, right. And she’s telling Bran that she’s going home, that doesn’t want to leave him there alone, but he’s safe and blah, blah, blah. And Bran is just  looking like he doesn’t care.   For him it’s all the same and poor Myra.   She lost everything. She risked everything for him. And all he has to say is like thank you and so she gets a little bit mad and I mean, I understand her. I would get too. And he says he’s not really Bran anymore. And then she says something really interesting again. I keep repeating my words. She says: you died in that cavern. So maybe that really did happen. The real Bran, he died the moment the original 3 eyed raven died and now bran is the 3 eyed raven.   He’s not really Bran anymore. He’s someone else. Someone bigger, let’s say it like that, than just Bran Stark. Then we go to Arya and man, this moment was so nice! We see Arya arriving at Winterfell. And tehre’s this nice scene where she’s almost there and she’s looking over and she can see Winterfell. She arrives at the gates and of course the guards… no one knows her. They don’t let her pass, just like it happened when she was a lot younger in Kingslanding when she left the castle and then she was trying to get back in and the guards where like: Yeah, right. You are not Ned Starks daughter. And so, it’s funny to see history repeating itself so many years later. But yeah, everyone thinks Arya is dead. But then she convinces them  to let her in. she gets in and as the guards are discussing who is supposed to go and tell Sansa there is this crazy girl there saying she is Sansa’s sister. Arya then escapes and the poor guys now have to go and tell Sansa that the girl who’s supposed to be her sister has disappeared. But then Sansa says, don’t worry. I know where she is. And then we finally see that moment where both sisters are meeting again after such a long time. And even though they never really got along so well, they hug and Sansa, specially, she seems so happy! To have her little sister back. Just like with Bran. Is like she’s just happy to be able to hug someone from her family, to feel like she’s not alone anymore you know. Sansa says: I still remember how happy Jon was when he saw me, so I cannot even imagine how happy he will be sees you. Because Arya and Jon they were really close before. They talk about some of the things that happened to them, Joffrey dying, Arya askls if Sansa was the one responsible. And then Sansa says no and Arya says something that indicates she’s killing people now. She’s like an assassin or something. Sansa just laughs. Because yeah, how could she believe something like this, right? But then, Arya says but our stories are not over yet. Sansa agrees and they hug again. So that wa s a nice moment. Arya also had no idea that Bran was still alive. And then they go to see Bran and Bran was actually surprised to see Arya. Because he had seen her at the crossroad and at that moment she was thinking about going to Kingslanding. Not coming back home. So he is surprised to see that she decided to come home. Sansa says Why? Why would you go to Kingslanding? And then he says: Well, it’s because of her list. Cersey is on her list. They talk a little bit and then Bran gives Arya the dagger that Littlefinger just gave him and Sansa, when she hears Littlefinger gave him a gift; she says you should be careful, because he’s not a good person. He doesn’t just give things to people. And he says : it doesn’t matter because I’m not interested, he will not influence me. I don’t want it. Brienne  sees them coming back together  to the castle and she’s really happy Podrick tells her: you should be proud. Because you kept your word. You found Kathelyn Stark’s children. And she says: well, I didn’t do anything.

Then we go back to Dragonstone. We see Missandei and Daennerys talking and Missandei, she indicates to Danny that something happened between her and Greyworm. And as Daennerys is curious to know more details we see Jon arriving and he takes Daennerys to the caves where Dragonglas is. Because he says he wants to show her something before they start digging. Before it’s all destroyed. And he shows her the paintings that are on the walls. Paintings that supposedly were made by the Children of the forest. So a long long time ago. And we see some symbols on those walls that we have already seen in the series. Like in the very first episode, the symbol that the bodies of those dead people formed and also that symbol around the… that big white tree… and from time to time we see some strange symbols and some of those symbols were on the wall.so indicates it’s … somehow it’s all connected. Because we know already the children of the forest are the ones who created the.. what’s his name again… the Night King. There is a moment there, you can feel the tension between them, they are so close and they are staring at each other… looking at each other…  And Daennerys says she will fight for him, she will fight fro Jon Snow and for the North when he bends the knee. I mean, this woman. She’s like obsessed with this whole bend the knee, bend the knee, bend the knee. Every time they talk she just talks about bend the knee, bend the knee. But I guess she needs the power, right? Then, when they get out of the cavern, Tyrion is there, waiting for them. He has bad news. And she is mad about what she hears. Because that’s when she finds out what happened to the unsullied and they are basically just stranded there. She already lost the Greyjoys, the people from Dorne, and now… she’s not happy. She asks Jon, what he thinks she should do. And of course he’s against using the dragons to d melt people. Because  he says  if she does that, then she’s just the same as the others. So there’s nothing different about her, in comparison to the other ones. Then we go back to Winterfell again. So this episode is basically Winterfell, Kingslanding and Dragonstone. So now back in Winterfell,w e see Arya training with Brienne! And this is really a cools scene because Brienne is huge and her sword and she is well known for being a  very good ‘swordswoman’ ? So they train together and Sansa is looking from above and she’s not very happy about  what she sees. I guess this just goes to prove that her little sister is really not her little sister anymore. She’s someone else. She even like  beats Brienne with Needle. A really small sword. How is that possible? No idea! No idea! Is Got! But I guess maybe the material of the sword, something like this. As they are finishing, Sansa is gone already. She wasn’t so happy. And then Brienne looks up and then surprise surprise, who was there also watching: Littlefinger. And Sansa… Arya just stares at him.

We go back to Dragonstone and we see Davos and Jon talking… about Daennerys. And Davos makes some sort of joke like you din’t find her pretty, you don’t wanna be with her. I’m guessing there’s gonna be some sort of romance in the future. Maybe not season 7, maybe season eight, who knows. Cause they don’t know they are related. Let’s see when that happens. How the whole story might change. We see them talking to Missandei and she asks Jon about his family name. why is he called Snow if his father was called Stark. And so they explain to her that he is a bastard and the concept of a bastard. They ask her how she came to be an adviser to Daennerys. And she tells her … she tells them a little bit of her story. And she says yeah, the moment she decides to leave, Daennerys would give her a ship and she could leave. I mean, she’s not a slave anymore. Or she doesn’t have to stay.

Theon arrives and that is a very interesting moment there, because Jon is there and Theon arrives and Theon had no idea Jon was there. Jon is not exactly happy to see Theon. And Theon is not exactly happy to see Jon. Because he knows he was a bad boy right? I mean, he betrayed Rob and a lot of people still think he Stark boys. Jon tells him: Look, the only reason why I’m not killing you right now is because of what you did to Sansa. So, basically helping Sansa saved Theon’s life. And he says he’s there to ask Daennerys to save his sister from his uncle. But then we don’t see Theon again.

We go back to the Lannister army, we see Lord Tarly coming and he says that the gold is Kingslanding, it’s safe. Dickon meets Bron and they talk a little bit on how it was for Dickon to fight against some of the men he knew, because the Tarly family, they were under the Tyrell family. And then, well, man. That moment was great and scary and so many feelings mixed. It’s when we see the Dothraki army arriving and Daennerys arriving with the dragon. That scene was just epic! I mean, there’s no other way to describe this scene. So many people were complaining, (that) we were missing some great battle scenes because there were a lot of fights (not fighting) but no great battles and for me, especially in the beginning before there is a lot of flames and people burning all over the place… the scene where we see all those Dothraki coming and the dragon coming with them. It was just like, hold your breath you know. It was great, really really great! For me, what came after was… some of it was unnecessary maybe. I mean, not just to show us. I guess that’s okay. But what Danny did. She could have stopped because she knew she had won that battle before killing and burning so many people. My opinion. But well, who knows. Maybe she got carried away or I don’t know. Maybe she just wanted to burn all the wagons or something. Who knows what went through her mind. That scene of the battle was a beautiful scene. Let’s say it like that. It was really really amazing! All those Dothraki coming and… it was well done as well.

And, what else, what else… we see that Tyrion is like observing the battlefield from far away in safe distance and the yes, as the dragon is there killing people Bron, he goes and he takes that weapon that Cersey was creating for hurting the dragons. And he shoots at Drogo and he hurts Drogo on like the wing. Drogo doesn’t die from that but he goes down. Daennerys is on the ground, she’s getting of the dragon to help take the spear and at this moment Jamie is not so far away and he sees that Daennerys is there and she’s vulnerable. And we see Tyrion just saying, just run and go away, you idiot. Don’t try and do something stupid! And we are like hoping that he can listen to his little brother right? But he doesn’t. and so yes, he finds a spear somewhere on the ground and he looks at Daennerys and he’s going for Daennerys. But them in this moment, feels like Daennerys is in trouble and he looks at Jamie and he’s about to fry Jamie when someone comes with a a horse and jumps and they go into the water. I’m not sure who it is. Who saved Jamie. I think I saw an armor, so in that case it would be Dickon. But a lot of people think it was Bron. So, I will have to wait like you guys for next week to see what exactly happened. But my God! This episode, especially the end with all the fighting and everything was just… great episode as ever!

So guys, what did you think of this episode? Do you think something different should have happened? Is this what you guys were expecting? What do you think? Did I maybe forget something?  Because there’s always so many things happening  in one episode now. Just comment, share, send it to your friends who love GoT and are learning English or if you are a teacher and you think you can use this episode during your classes, please just feel free to use it, okay guys? I will see you and talk to you next week, on the next episode! Bye, bye!


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Hope you enjoy it!

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