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Episode 13: time, love, death and the collateral beauty

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What to expect from a movie that starts with the question, what is your why?? Add to that Will Smith, Hellen Mirren, Keira Knightly and you will have a movie that will make you cry, smile and think, a lot.

Critics and sites like Rotten tomatoes hated the movie and gave it very bad reviews. Yes, the movie hast its flaws but I just think they did not get the message this film is trying to share.

Let’s talk about the plot and by the end you can decide if this film is for you or if you agree with the critics and this movie should not have been produced in the first place.

Will Smith plays the main character. His name is Howard Inlet and he is an advertisement executive, one of the company’s owners. His young daughter died 2 years ago and he never recovered from it. His marriage ended, the company is going down and he is a mess. As part of the healing process Howard writes letters to Love, Time and Death, as he believes those are the 3 things that connects us. We long for love; we wish we had more time ; and we fear death

His friends and business partners decide to do something for fear of losing the company and also for him. As they hear he wrote to Death, Time and Love, they decide to hire actors to play this role and pretend to be those 3 thigs and confront Howard. If this was real life this would be the sickest joke anyone could ever play on someone. Playing with soemone’s sanity and pain like that is not nice, to say the least. But in the movie we are not quite sure if those 3 are real actors or the things itself that not only came to confront and help him heal but also to help his partners deal with their own problems.

It is interesting to see how each one of them partners up up the one thing they are struggling with in life. Whit, who is having trouble connecting with his daughter helps love prepare. Claire is worried that it may be too late for her to have children and she prepares time and finally Simon, who is fighting a terminal cancer no one knows about must prepare death to confront Howard.

For me, those dialogs were the best part of the movie. How when they were talking about Howard they were many times referring to their own issues and concerns. Also the second confrontation between Howard and Death, time but especially love still make me sigh. It is amazing to think how much is at the base of so many other things.

Howard also starts participating a grief support group where we meet madeleine, who lost her daughter, Olivia. I will not give you the spoiler, but the way they unfold this was somewhere between amazing and strange. Sorry! You will have to watch it to see what I mean. Or find a blogpost that gives you that spoiler.

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