Game of Thrones S7: special episode 2 (S7, ep 2)

As Game of Thrones S7 continues, we are back for another episode of our podcast!

In this episode we will talk about the second episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (23/07). We will have on episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion… The episodes will be released every Monday and the transcripts a few days later.

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Good morning, everyone! And we are back for episode 2! What did you think? Did you agree (with)  or like what happened in episode 2? And what did you think of our episode about episode 1? Do you think I forgot to talk about something special that happened in that episode or, I don’t know. Do agree, disagree… Do you think I gave maybe too many spoilers … I don’t know. Just yeah, your feedback is really, really important for us. Ok?

So today, we will talk about episode 2 and as you may have already noticed. What will happen today is the same that happened last week. We will give like a summary of what happened and at the same time we will already discuss  maybe some theories , what I think, I will give you my point of view about a few things. OK?

So yes, we start episode 2 where we left of episode 1. At Dragonstone and we see Daenerys and Varys and Tyrion and they are discussing about the night Daenerys was born. And then we arrive at a point where Daenerys is questioning Varys and his loyalties. Because, I mean, he served under her father and then Robert and he was always involved in those plots to get rid of hose kings. And the situation gets a little bit … how can I say it… tense if you want. And then Varys tells her  that he’s loyal to the people and that if he thinks that a king or a queen is not good for the people, then yeah, he will do something to change that situation. So, in the end, they get to some sort of an agreement that if he thinks that Daenerys is not really fulfilling her duties if you want , he will tell her instead of going behind her back. And trying to find someone else to replace her.

Then, what happens is that Melisandre arrives . Wow, I was not expecting that one. I mean, I was asking myself already where she was and what was going on with her, but I did not think that … at least not so quickly, you know. That she was going to arrive at Dragonstone so quickly. And then, of course, surprise surprise, she tells Daenerys she should summon Jon Snow because she thinks Daenerys as well as Jon Snow, they have a very important part to play in what’s going to happen in the future. So, exiting, exiting. I don’t know, what do you think? Is really the whole theory about the 3 dragons … is it gonna happen? Yes, no … but then again, if there are 3 dragons we need another person. Who would that one be? There are too many questions still. But so, yes, Melisandre tells her she should summon Jon and then Tyrion knows Jon a little bit a least and he says yeah, I agree with her. I cannot talk about what a  God wants, but I know Jon Snow and if he really is the King in the North , you should summon him because he will be a good ally. An important ally. So they do that. Tyrion sends Jon Snow a raven , asking him to come and talk to Daenerys.

 And we see that Jon receives this raven quite quickly even more so than the raven from Sam. Because the raven that Sam sent arrived a few days later only. Even though in the story Sam should have sent that raven way before Daenerys sent hers. So I don’t know what happened there.  And the we see Jon discussing with Davos and Sansa what he should do. If he should answer and go or not because yeah, it’s a bit dangerous, right for him to just leave the north and go south specially because no one has any idea what Daenerys is planning. They all know her father was crazy but they don’t know her. But he trusts Tyrion and Sansa also says that Tyrion is different from the other Lannisters . that they can trust him. Because he was always very kind to her. And they are still married, in case you have forgotten. I did not! I really don’t know what’s gonna happen with Sansa. And then, they think it’s dangerous so Jn Snow doesn’t really know what to do. But yeah, it seems like he’s really accepting the advice from Sansa. So yeah, that cool and the we go back to Cersey.

And summons some bannermen and she’s talking about Daenerys and the fact that she’s a Targaryen, she’s crazy, she’s going to kill everyone and such things. And we see someone very interesting there: we see the … not the Tyrells, we see the Tarly. So Sam’s father and brother,they are there. And usually they are the bannerman from the Tyrells. But now the Tyrells are with Daenerys and against Cersey … so we see how Jamie in the end goes and talks to Sam’s father and says  yeah, I’m so thankful that you came, because people respect you and they know a lot of people just came because you came and we need your support during the war that’s coming … and Sam’s father doesn’t really say what he’s going to do but when Jamie tells him that after the war he would be a perfect replacement for… what’s the name of… Olana. Olena… the Tyrell woman. Then he thinks like twice, you know. So I guess, maybe, yeah.. maybe Sam’s father  is going to fight for Cersey against Daenerys. We will see. But he doesn’t really give like a definite answer. We will have to wait and see what happens in the future.

And then we see Jorah again. And there is a Maester who is examining him. And he tells him  it’s too late, he should have cut his arm as soon as he was touched. But Sam just can’t accept that because  I mean, he saw Sherine and he knows that someone managed to save Sherine and he asks the Maester. And the Maester says yeah, it’s very different, she was treated as soon as she was touched and she was a baby and he’s a grown man, it’s very different. And in the end, as he was leaving, he finds out that the man is actually Jorah Mormont. And as you may remember, Mormont was the name of the leader from the Nights watch. So Sam knew Jorah’s father. And I think that  really got to him, you know. He was already very uneasy or he was not accepting already what was going on with Jorah and now that he knows he is Mormont’s son I’m guessing he will accept it even less. And as we see later yes, he really decided to do something about it. He didn’t really care for the consequences .

And then  we see Cersey again. She is with that new Maester of hers. They go all the way down to where the dragon skulls are. A place where usually we don’t really see many people. But he takes her there to show her a new weapon he is developing  and is like a huge bow or something. And so he demonstrates the weapon to Cersey and he show her that yeah, dragons can be big, but they can be hurt. They can be killed. And that’s what we see at that moment, right. How they destroy  this huge skull.

And the we go back to Dragonstone and we see how Yara is telling Daenerys she should invade and attack Kingslanding now before Cersey has time to prepare. And the we see that lady from Dorne as well. She’s also saying yeah, we should do that. And the her a Tyrion sort of get into a fight because she killed his niece and he says well, they don’t do things like that in Dragonstone or Daenerys is not going to be a queen like that. And then Daenerys says that she’s not going to be the queen of ashes and this is something that Tyrion told her. So when she says that, Tyrion looks at her like wow, OK, she’s listening to me. That’s good. And she really is not her father. Because she does not want to be queen but have no one there to rule over, to listen to her. And that’s good. A good sign. So Alana (Olena), the lady Tyrell. She then tells a little bit about her granddaughter and how she was so loved and now she is just ashes. Because yeah, Cersey killed her. And she also says that the lords and the common people they are only going to obey her if they are afraid of her. And then later on she also compares Daenerys and she asks … she compares Daenerys to the common people you know, and she asks her if she’s sheep and she says well, you are not sheep. You don’t follow, you are a dragon, so you should lead. Because she’s telling Daenerys    that she shouldn’t listen too much to Tyrion because he’s a very clever man but she should make her own mind. She should lead. And they they decide that they are not going to attack  Kingslanding but they are going to make a siege around the city so that they won’t have food and this is going to happen with the Tyrell and Dorne’s army. They are not going to use the Dothraki or the Unsullied because then people would be against them. So they are going to use those 2 armies to take Castlery Rock. Because, yeah, the money from the government, let’s say it like that, is coming from Castlery Rock. Castlery Rock is the home of the Lannisters and so yeah, if they take the money, if they take Castlery Rock the family is going to lose power . so they decide to attack in 2 fronts. The unsullied and the Dothraki are going to attack Castlery Rock and the Dornish army and the army from the Tyrells are going to attack. Well, not really attack but yeah, be around Kingslanding and not let anything through. So people will go hungry.

And then, big big moment everyone was waiting for . Missandei and Greyworm finally had their moment together. I mean, they are finally spending a night together.  I mean, this is something we could really see was going to happen right… because they like each other so much and he keeps telling her, she is his weakness. He didn’t have anything that he was afraid of losing before and now he has. So is just like when he was attacked he said I was weak I was afraid of dying. Not because of dying, but just because then it would mean I would never see you again. And I really had to see you again. I think it’s so sweet! And their relationship is so so sweet. I am very happy for them. And I am very excited to see how that one is going to be, you know. In the future. How they are going to be as a couple. So, what else.

O yeah, we go back to Sam and Sam is asking the Maester again about a way to treat Jorah and he says he thinks he found a way and then the Maester says no, it’s too dangerous. The guy who tried it , he died of the scales. I don’t remember the name of the disease but yeah. The disease that makes people become stone people, right. And then, of course, Sam doesn’t really listen to what the Maester is telling him and he says no. Jorah, you’re not gonna die today.   I’m here to help you. And then Jorah asks him, have you ever done this before? He says no, but no one else is willing to try. So I’m your best shot. I’m your best chance. And it’s so sweet of Sam.But yeah, it seems … the procedure seems so painful! Poor Jorah! But I guess it worked, right? Because yeah, like I told you last week already, we see him… we are going to see him at Dragonstone or in Dragonstone. On the beach, while Jon Snow is there too.  So we will see. What will happen now. But yes I’m guessing the procedure is going to work so Jorah can go back to his Khaelesi … because he was writing her a letter when Sam arrived. Because I’m guessing he was going to kill himself or something like this. Before he loses his mind. Sam is doing some pretty illegal things so I’m not so sure he really is going to finish his apprenticeship. Maybe. And become a real Maester because the process is obviously too slow for him. He needs answers now. He needs to be able to do things now. Because the White Walkers are coming and I think it takes like years and years to become a Maester. And he just doesn’t have time.

And then, what else happened. O yeah, we see Arya and she visits the tavern where Hotpie is working. And she’s telling him that she’s going to Kingslanding and then happens the one moment I was waiting for. He asks her why she’s not going to Winterfell. And she goes like: why should I go to Winterfell? There are other people there. And he goes: no. Jon Snow killed them. And he is now the King in the North. And the she has some trouble accepting and she says: no, you are lying! And he said: why would I lie to you? I have no reason to lie to you. Your brother is there and so, yay! She decided to go back home. I mean, the moment she leaves the tavern she’s still like torn between killing Cersey or going back home. But her heart was… talking louder maybe. So she decided to follow her heart and go home. And on her way home we have this one scene so many people were waiting for. She sees a Direwolf and she thinks, we think, it was Nymeria. But then again in the end she says: well, then it wasn’t you. Because the wolf or the Direwolf. A huge one by the way. Man, I would freak out if I ever saw a wolf that big! They don’t attack Arya but the wolf didn’t quite connect with her. But then again, if it’s not Nymeria, who would it be? Because it’s not Ghost and if I’m not mistaken all the other wolfs are gone. Oh no, there’s Bran’s wolf as well. Maybe it was Bran’s wolf then. I don’t know. Or is the wolf dead? Don’t think so. I think Arya’s and Bran’s wolves and Ghost , they are still alive. But well. So yes, we have this moment but not sure if it really was Nymeria or who it was. So yeah, they did not attack her but if it was Nymeria, Nymeria will maybe come back later when Arya really needs her , maybe. Who knows. It’s GoT, right? And what else happens…

Jon gets the raven from Sam and then now he decides he is going to visit Daenerys  and he tells his bannerman. I don’t know how it’s been since last time we saw him talking to his bannerman but they are still all there. And of course everyone is like: no, are you crazy? It might be a trap. So you’re going but maybe you will never come back. And he says: well yeah, it’s a risk. But I have to take this risk. And even lady Mormont she’s against. She says : no, the winter is here, we need you here. But he says: I’m sorry. I have to go. And then he leaves Sansa in control. And again, as soon as he does that, we see Littlefinger’s face and he’s like: Yes! He has plans for Sansa. We will see if Sansa also has plans like Littlefinger or not. Because right now she’s kinda shady, right.

So we will have to wait and see but then, before Jon Snow leaves, we see him in the crypt. He is saying goodbye to his father and maybe even to his mum without knowing she’s his mum. And so Littlefinger goes down and starts talking to Jon Snow and he says: I love Sansa. And then Jon Snow got real mad at him. And he says: you leave my sister alone! If you touche her, I will kill her myself (oops!) I will kill you myself. He is very protective of his sister and he knows that Littlefinger is not really one to be trusted. But I don’t think Littlefinger’s gonna listen to him. Do you? I don’t think so. And in the end of the episode a very long episode, by the way. A whole hour.

We see Euron Greyjoy attacking the ships from his family, his niece. We see Euron and… people had already said that if we thought that the guy who kept Theon captive. If we thought he was already a bad guy, that Euron was gonna be like twice as bad. And that might be true. ‘cause the way he attacked Yara’s ships was very, very violent. It was extremely violent. And he really was not afraid to kill everyone and  loose the ships as well. He was not interested in taking the ships back. He really just wanted carnage. I mean, he wanted blood. He was after blood. But now we know what he’s going to give as a gift to Cersey. Because he has the lady from Dorne and he has Yara. And I think also one of the daughters from the snake, Dorne there. She’s also still alive as far as I could see and tell. The other 2 were dead. But one has survived. So yeah, I’m guessing he’s taking all 3 of them to Cersey and Theon just escaped, right? I mean, he saw all of that and he was fighting until he saw his uncle and his uncle was holding Yara and he said: come on and save her. And he just couldn’t  deal with the situation. Or maybe he decided that if … he saw that if he did that, he was gonna die as well. So maybe, maybe it’s not really because he was a coward. Maybe is because he thought they would have a better chance if he survives and then takes some extra people and then goes back and saves his sister. Who knows. But in the moment it really felt like he freaked out and he just jumped. And decided to save his own skin instead of trying to save his sister. And that’s where episode 2 finished. With Theon escaping and seeing Euron’s ship going away again.

So what do you think is gonna happen in episode 3? I’m pretty sure, from the scenes we saw Jon Snow is going to arrive at Dragonstone and what else. What else do you think we can expect from episode 3? And what did you think of episode 2? Were you expecting maybe even more excitement , more action? Or maybe you think it was a nice episode. I don’t know. I must say I was expecting a little bit more but the way it was was not a bad episode. It was a good one. I guess. The problem is, we only will have 7 episodes, right. So each episode really counts. But then again they need to build the story. We will talk again next Monday after episode 3. Again, thank you for listening! If you enjoyed it and maybe you think one of your friends or even if you are a teacher maybe if you think one of your students would like it and enjoy it. Please just share. I f you liked it as well just give us a like or a thumbs up… leave us a comment. Is always nice to hear what you guys think about the epsiodes. Be it on Stitcher, on our webpage or whatever, ok? or on Itunes as well. And yeah, I wish you guys an amazing week and I will talk to you next week on the next episode talking about episode 3. Bye, bye!  


Game of Thrones: special episode n. 1 (S7, Ep 1)

We are back!

And what better way to come back than talking about Game of Thrones S7 ep 1?

In this episode we will talk about the first episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (16/07). We will have on episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion… The episodes will be released every Monday and the transcripts a few days later.

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Good morning, everyone! Long time no see, right? But well, as I explained to you in the other podcast already, we are coming back! And what better way to come back than with Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones is back, that’s right and we are going to have special episodes every  single week about GoT. I know I’m gonna go crazy with it, but GoT just deserves it, doesn’t it?

So, what did you think of episode 1 of season 7? Did you like it? Didn’t you like it? Did you think that… some people thought it was maybe a little bit boring. I didn’t, really. I must say, I loved the episode. I know besides the whole thing with Arya not many things… exciting things happened during this episode. But I really thought it was very important what they did because it’s like they were preparing the ground, you know. Like they were giving us a, I don’t know, a review of what was going on and so now we know exactly where everyone that is important, let’s say ti like that. Where everyone is right now and so now they can start to develop. And besides, I mean, depending on what you have been seeing and reading after the episode, a lot of people have been looking fro clues inside this episode for things that will happen or might happen and yes, as GoT goes… yes, there might be quite a few clues. Let’s say it like this, to things that maybe will happen. Like yeah, we have already found everywhere inside GoT.

But, so yeah, before we continue, let’s just do some sort a summary of all the main things that happened inside GoT, OK? So it starts with Arya. What a first scene!! Wow! I mean, many people who did not really look for spoilers were quite lost when they saw Walder Frey again, right. Because, come on! She killed him in season 6. So what the hell is he doing back on the show? But then, people who knew that … well, how can I say it. That, I mean, he had his contract for another season but he was already dead. So, a lot of people were already speculating  that she would become Lord Frey so that she could kill hos whole family and that’s what she did, right? I mean, come on! They all trusted him, I mean, to a certain extent. They were his family. So yeah,she killed the guy and then she used his face to kill his entire family. I mean, she did not kill them one by one because the family was obviously way too big. But the of course she used Lord Frey to poison the whole family. And that was cool maybe. I don’t know. But yeah, the way she did it. She was very clever.

And then, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the opening has changed as well. I mean, now we only stay in Westeros. So we don’t have the other continents anymore. And we have a few new places. For example now we see Dragonstone, The Twins, we see the Citadel and Oldtown. And those are things we did not see before. So, what does that mean? Why are some of those places in the opening now? That might also indicate that some things will change this season. That we will focus in a few new families, a few new people, maybe.  So yeah, very excite

Then we have another big moment.  Bran arrives at the Wall. And he enters it. They let him pass. So, does that really mean now that because Bran has passed and entered and crossed the Wall that the White Walkers can cross it too? I don’t know. Maybe. And then we saw, of course, the Night’s King with the White Walkers. They are coming, right? And they are coming with the storm. Is like they are bringing the storm with them.  And then that reminds us of something Jon Snow  said, that yeah, they are bringing the storm. So yeah, we will see what that… how that will go.

Then, staying with Jon Snow. We see him talking to his bannermen and he’s asking them all to talk to the Maesters and look for Drahonglas because yes, they need to prepare. He knows. They are coming. And then he also tells everyone to prepare boys and girls or men and women between  1 and 60 to fight. Ok? So they all have to prepare for the war and of course then some guy says: No, come on, I’m not going to prepare little girls. To fight. And then, oh Lady Mormont! Don’t you love her! She is such an amazing little girl! Really, I just wish she was a little bit older, so she could marry Jon Snow and they could rule the 7 Kingdoms together. I mean, come on! If she was older and Drogo was still alive and things like this. Yeah, GoT would have been over like in 3 seasons.  We would not need 8 seasons  for this whole war to be over. Because, I mean. Come on, she is just a  great little girl. So. Coming back. She said that she was not going to seat around knitting while men were fighting. She was going to do that too. And because she said that, everyone else had to agree sort of, otherwise they would seem like cowards or something like this. So yeah, she saved the day yet another time.

And then he talks to the Wildlings right. Because they need people to go and stay at those abandoned castles near the wall. And the guy, I forgot his name now. He said, the one who is in love with Brienne. He says they are gonna go and they are gonna do that. What else. Oh, of course. Then there is this whole discussion about the Karstarks and the Karholds because they betrayed the family, right. And then Sansa gets involved. And she says: No, they should lose everything! Because, yeah, they betrayed us… and Jon Snow says: no.  So, what do you think that means? Do you think that because Sansa did something like this she’s like preparing a coup. Because, I don’t know if you saw, but man, the face of Little Finger when she was meddling and the whole thing. He was soo happy! So, I really don’t know . maybe Sansa really is just trying to help him. Or maybe  she is planning something. ‘cause I don’t know. It’s GoT. Everything is possible, anything is possible. So, who knows. I mean, yeah, maybe like she said latter, she really just wants to advise him. But I guess we will have to wait and see. But what do you think, mhm? Does she have good intentions or bad intentions?

And then, what else happened. Yeah, well. Let’s go then to Cersey! Cersey is painting that huge map of all the Kingdoms  and blah blah blah. And then Jamie arrives, right? And the they talk and she keeps telling him: they have enemies everywhere and she is walking and showing us where the enemies are and the families… and then she asks him if he’s afraid of her.  And I love his answer. He gives the question back: Should I be afraid of you? And yes, there has been a lot of talk about how she’s going to die because yeah, the Maggie already told her, right, a brother, a little brother is gonna kill her. And so yeah, first everyone thought it had to be Tyrion, right. But now, yes, slowly slowly a lot of people think that it might actually be Jamie. Maybe yeah, maybe she’s going to become so crazy or so much like the Mad King, that he will feel he has to do that. He will have to kill his loving sister. Who knows! Who knows! That’s one of the reasons why I love GoT so much! We never know!

And then, one thing that I also thought was very interesting, was that she thinks Tommen betrayed them by killing himself. What do you think? Isn’t that a bit strange, sad, sick? I don’t know.  I mean, come on. The little boy, ‘cause he was still a little boy, he was so sad for what had happened. He killed himself. And she goes and she says: no, he betrayed us. So I will not cry. They are dead, I’m alive. We have to keep moving.

And then we go to Euron Greyjoy. We are still with Cersey and he arrives with his fleet of 1000 ships and then, of course he offers his ships but in return he wants Cersey to marry him. Ans he knew it. She knew what he wanted when he came but she was very clever. She said: no I cannot trust you so I will refuse your offer. But she knows she needs him and he knows that too. So he tells her OK, I will bring you a gift that is so special you cannot refuse me. I think I already know what that gift is. Do you? Do you have any idea what this gift may be? Little spoiler here: I think it’s a person. From all the spoilers I already saw, heard it will be a person or a few people, maybe.

And then we got o the Citadel and we meet Sam again. So Sam is at the Citadel. He is learning to be… well, yeah, he’s learning to become a Maester  and he finally found a way that’s not the right one but he finally found a way to learn more about the White Walkers. He found a way to trick people and enter that forbidden or something like this. A library. The restricted one and so now he is learning about them and he discovers that Dragonstone has  a mountain full of Dragonglas. So he says: well, I have to tell Jon Snow, because they need Dragonglas. They need something. But while he is going through that one book, we also see a few things like a dagger and some things like this. And some people think that that one dagger that we see there is the same dagger people used, that guy used to try and kill Bran. So what would that mean? Where is that dagger, by the way. Does anyone remember? I think it was Tyrion who had it last, because it was supposed to be his, but the it was Little Finger’s. I don’t know. But what does that mean? I mean, something that’ so old and the to be there, well.. then again everything in GoT is somehow connected so we will have to wait and see. And the we also find out that Jorah is at the Citadel! And there is still no cure. And he is doing a lot worse. I mean, his whole arm is like covered in scales but then I also saw somewhere in a video that apparently in that same book that Sam was reading, they talk about using Dragonglas as a cure. So maybe that’s where Jorah is gonna get his cure because, spoiler alert here! Yeah, we saw some pictures of Jorah in, at Dragonstone, OK? Whe Jon is there as well. So yeah, I’m guessing he will at least maybe not get better, I mean, not cured completely, but yeah some Maester already found a way to stop the disease with little princess Shireen. So maybe yeah, maybe it’s Dragonglas, maybe something else. We will have to wait and see. But yeah, I’m excited to see how that happens and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Sam doing it. So yay, go Sam!

Then we see Arya again and Ed Sheeran. I really don’t know why so many people are being so mean to the guy. He was great! He was singing! He didn’t really do anything else. I mean, there wasn’t even a chance for poor acting or something like this. And really, I don’t understand what the big fuss is all about. Poor guy even had to delete his twitter account because yeah, there were too many hatters. They needed someone to sing, why not get him? So yeah, we see Arya, she just killed the Freys and then she is on her way to Kingslanding to kill the queen and she tells then that and everyone laughs. But what do you think? Is Arya still going to Kingslanding or maybe is someone, one of those soldiers maybe gonna tell her. Her family is back in Winterfell? Because I really think, she thinks her whole family is dead or yeah, disappeared or yeah she doesn’t have anyone left. So do you maybe think that if she finds out they are alive she’s going back home? I hope so. Because yeah, come on, going to Kingslanding  trying to kill Cersey … Oh, maybe it’s Arya who looks like Jamie  and then kills the queen. That would be cool too. But well, OK. back to episode 1.

Yeah, very cool. We see  the Hound, Clegane. He’s, of course, still alive and now he is with that guy who does not die. What’s his name again? Dandarion. And they are going somewhere. We are not so sure. Then they stop at one house, a small farm, where… the Hound and Arya have been in season, I don’t know, 4, 5 something like this. And they took all the food from those people away. And, because he said he knew  they were gonna die anyway. And of course they arrive there and they are dead. Because I mean, yeah, they didn’t have anything left after the Hound stole from them. And so he’s not feeling very good about being there and he’s like haunted   by what he did. And then they keep talking and he questions why it is that the Lord of Light keeps Dandarion. Because he’s nothing special! He said I don’t hate you, but you are not special. So why did he chose you to do that, to come back. And that’s a very interesting question, because I mean, he also almost died, right? So maybe he’s asking Dandarion but he’s asking actually about himself. Because yeah, Arya left him to die and … but he’s not. So maybe he is, yeah… he’s questioning why God or whoever kept him alive. And then, you all know he’s very afraid of fires. Because his brother burnt him when he was little. But then they convince him to go and look inside the fire and then he sees the White Walkers and he sees where they are gonna cross and things like this. And so yeah, maybe now that’s where they are heading. Maybe they think that’s their job. They have to stop the White Walkers. So yay! Maybe we will see all of them together. That would be very cool, right. Clegane, and Jon Snow, and the big boss of the Wildlings now, that I keep forgetting his name, but well. So yeah, I’m very excited to see what’s gonna happen with the Hound.

And then , yes, it was about time! Daenerys finally arrived at Dragonstone! It was a moving moment. A very nice scene. And I loved the way they stopped it. She says: let’s begin; let’s get started. So yeah, I really think that’s what the first episode was all about, you know. Really settling and showing us and now yeah, now things will get started. And yeah, one of the things I thought was quite cool and yeah, they keep doing that in GoT. Is the fact that Sam is sending Jon word that he has to go to Dragonstone and that will give him the excuse to go there.  And that’s where he will meet Daenerys. Because he will have to convince her  to dig the Dragonglas and maybe even ask her dragons to make some new Dragonglas, right. Who knows.

Like I said in the beginning, I really really liked this episode. I think it was very important to show us and… it’s been also a  very long time, right. So I think it was important to just know and remember where everyone is, what’s going on with everyone. So that now yeah, now things can get started. And I am very, very very curious to see what’s gonna happen in the next few weeks. So, again. We are going to have a new episode every single week now, only about GoT.  So I know this week this episode is coming a little bit late, on Wednesday, but the next few weeks is going to come out on Monday. But so, what will happen is: the episode comes out, but the transcript will only be available a few days later, OK? Guys, I’m sorry but it’s just not possible to do the episode … well:  watch, record and do the whole transcripts so quickly. Ok, so you can already enjoy the episode , listen to it but then yeah, then the transcripts are going to come out a few days later. I will try and have them until Friday but I cannot guarantee, ok. maybe they are just going to be like a week later. So that I can finish them on the weekend.

So yeah, if you liked it please thumbs up and share, comment, tell me what you thought, what you think is gonna happen, just if you give spoilers, please, just right first: spoiler alert what you think is gonna happen, OK? and I will see you next week for episode 2! Have an amazing week, bye bye!





Passengers – the worst experience could mean the greatest adventure

Imagine you are on a mission to colonize a planet called Homestead II. The journey is supposed to last 120 years, all passengers are placed in This triggers the tooltiphibernation pods. Suddenly you wake up, you are  groggy but the main computer tells you this is normal. You get scanned and checked and then the computer shows you the way to your room.

On the next day, you get out of your room and realize it’s too quiet. There are 5.000 people inside the ship. But there is no one to be seen.  Who never had a dream or a nightmare similar to this? This is how the movie Passengers begins. What would you do in a situation like this? You still have 90 years before arriving at the new planet and before the others wake up. You have 90 years of solitude before you.

Passengers – a summary

Starship Avalon is taking 5 thousand colonists plus crew to another planet. This journey will take 120 years and the passengers are supposed to wake up 4 months before arrival.  During the journey, though, the ship encounters an asteroid belt and gets hit. This causes a malfunction and one passenger is now awake: mechanical engineer Jim Preston.

After a whole year of isolation, having only an android bartender  as company, Jim is desperate. He is thinking about suicide. Meanwhile he tried everything possible to go back to hibernation or to access the bridge of the spaceship without success. One day, as he is checking the pods he sees Aurora Lane’s pod and starts falling in love with her. He sees her video profile, reads her books (she is an author). It is almost as if he knew her.

There comes the big question and struggle. Should he wake her up and sentence her to die on the ship with him? If yes, how could he ever tell her the truth? She would certainly hate him, wouldn’t she? In the beginning he lets her think an anomaly woke her up too. But he knows, he will have to tell her the truth someday.


Thoughts and opinions

No surprise here, it is a sci fi movie again. Even though the story had some big problems, the special effects  and the pace of the story pleased me a lot, in general. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and she works quite well with Chris Pratt. But the way Jim started stalking Aurora’s life and woke her up is a bit creepy, if you ask me.


Yes, in the end everything is oK and they live happily ever after on the spaceship. On their own private world, quite literally. But he did sentence her for a premature death when he decided to wake her. Did he have a right to do that? I don’t think so. After she wakes up we find out all the plans she had for the future, all the things she wanted to do and accomplish.  She wanted to see the future. To be the only person alive to have had the experience of going to a colony and going back home 200 years later. Without aging much. And he took that away from her.

Is a love story really worth it? What’s worse, when he woke her up and got obsessed about her he did not know if it was going to work. If they would have chemistry, get along. He was very selfish in my opinion. Or am I being too rational here? Maybe he thought it was love at first sight. And love conquers it all, right? But isn’t trust a big part of it too?

What do you think? What would have done in such an impossible situation?




Episode 2: The boy who lived

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Harry Potter was born in July 1980. He is an only child. That means he does not have any brothers and sisters. His parents are called James and Lilly Potter.  Lilly was a muggle, so Harry is a half-blood.

James and Lilly, they were killed by Voldemort when Harry was only one year old. ‘You know who’ wanted actually to kill Harry, but his parents protected him.  His mother Lilly, she gave her life to save him and this act of love protected Harry from Voldemort’s attack. As a result, Harry was unharmed. That means he did not get hurt. While ‘You know who’ ceased to exist in physical form. What does that mean? It means that it seemed he had died… but is almost like his body died but his spirit didn’t. Or something like this. And the only thing that reminded Harry of what happened that day was a scar on his forehead with the shape of a lightening.

After that, after his parents’ death, Harry went to live with his aunt Petunia and her family. Petunia’s husband, uncle Vernon and Harry’s cousin, Dudley. Because the Dursleys, they did not like anything magic related at all, Harry grew up without knowing anything about his parents or the wizarding world. He had no idea he was famous. He had no idea he was a wizard and even less that people called him “the boy who lived”.

Harry’s life with the Dursleys wasn’t very easy. As you might remember, right? His relatives didn’t like him very much and they loved to remind him of that. And as you may remember, his bedroom, if we can call it that, was a very small room with no windows under the stairs of the house. It’s really not comfortable at all.

But it all changed when Harry was almost 11 years old. This is the age when children (who are special), they get the letter to go to Hogwarts that is the most famous wizarding school. And so an owl and later many owls, they tried to deliver this letter to Harry, but the Dursley’s they didn’t let him read it. So in the end, Hagrid delivered the letter himself to Harry. He went in person. I mean, the Dursleys they tried to hide Harry. ‘Cause they thought if they were not at home, if they went somewhere else, maybe they would not find Harry. But Hagrid found him. So Hagrid gave the letter to Harry and told him who he was and that he was supposed to go to Hogwarts.

So Harry did not have a lot of time to learn about all of that. This magical world and his parents, and anything, actually before taking the Hogwarts Express and going to his new school. On the train Harry meets Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. And they soon became his best friends. All 3 of them were then sorted into Gryffindor.

Because of the way Harry grew up, or maybe also because this was part of his character, Harry did not like the attention he got from people when they found out he was THE Harry Potter. He really didn’t like it. He felt bad and he wanted to hide. So yeah, he does not like the spotlight very much. And some teachers like Professor Snape for example. They were harder on him, and they expected him to be better than the others in class. Because he was so famous. They had no idea he had never heard of a wizarding world, for example. So they just expected him to be the best in class.

So, what else do we know about Harry? We know the he is very shy and that he has a good heart. He also has a natural talent as a flyer and he became the youngest Quidditch Seeker in over a century. Both his parents were also quidditch players and his father was a seeker as well.  We soon find out that Harry is also very brave and that he always seeks the truth. And something interesting is also that Harry arrives at Hogwarts around the same time ‘You know who’ starts getting stronger again and he is preparing a come back.

Who knew breaking out of prison could be so much fun: a Prison Break marathon

When I heard Prison Break was having a revival I decided to have a Prison Break marathon and to watch all the old episodes before it started. I must admit I was positively surprised by how much I liked it. The producers found (in most episodes) a way to keep us hooked to the story. Always wanting more. Always wanting to watch the next episode as soon as possible.

Here goes a trailer in case you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you aren’t so sure if you watched it or not.

Prison Break – the plot

Basically, the series starts as Michael Scofild tries to break his brother out of prison. His brother Lincoln was accused of killing the vice-president’s brother.Lincoln swears he didn’t do it. And his brother believes him. So we spend all of the first season inside the prison, preparing for the escape. As the plan develops some other inmates get involved in the project. Some of them are not such good people. Or maybe they are.

Season two focuses on  what happens to them right after they escape the prison. The life on the run. Being hunted by the police, FBI and the Company. Some stick together longer, while others go their own ways right after the escape.

Season 3 was a shorter one, as Michael is sent to prison in Panama. Michael and Sara were already on the boat, with the money, readyto go when everything changed. Michael ends up in Sona, which is a prison that is run by its own inmates. There, Michael has to deal with the rescue from a man wanted by the Company. This time he only has a week to do it.

The fourth and final season shows their lives after the escape from Sona. The Company is still after them. But this time they decide to change the game and to attack the Company first. Everyone is after something called Scylla, so Michael decides they are going after it too. They find some strange and unexpected allies along the way. Enemies become friends and friends become enemies.

My thoughts

I loved the way season one started. It had the right amount of adrenaline, drama, love, funny moments. They also managed to find a way to inspire those, who like myself like to ponder about life, to think about some key issues. What are we ready or capable of doing for the people we love? When is time to give up? Is there ever time to give up? Does the end always justify the means? Throughout the series Michael is conflicted with decisions like that. He has to hurt people he cares about to be able to help others, for example. Is that worth it?

For me, seasons 1 and 2 were amazing. Of course, sometimes they pushed it a little too hard. Making Michael face a few too many problems. But disappointing was season 3. Maybe I was not the only one, as the season only had 13 episodes. Not sure if they cut it short because the ratings were bad or if that was the plan all along. In season 4 they picked it up again. They changed things a little, but as with so many series before and after, at some point we get fed up with seeing the same scenario over and over again.  The ending itself was quite surprising, though as one of the main characters died.

One of the things I liked the most about it were the complex and complicated relationships. As friends, like the one between Sucre and Michael or even the one that forms between Michael and Mahone (the FBI agent hunting them in season 2). But also to see how some people like T-Bag try to change.Is it possible to change who we are? How much is the environment responsible for who we become?

Revival – what to expect

I am not sure what to expect from this Prison Break revival. From what we already know, we will be sent back to prison with the main character. Is this going to leave a sour taste of déjà vu? Maybe. I must admit that I am at the same excited and worried. It feels a lot like we are going to see it all over again, just in a new country. I hope they got creative and changed it up a bit.

Here you can see a video explaining a bit of what to expect from it. It also shows a lot of the actors working on i giving their points of view. Enjoy! 😉

Episode 13: time, love, death and the collateral beauty

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What to expect from a movie that starts with the question, what is your why?? Add to that Will Smith, Hellen Mirren, Keira Knightly and you will have a movie that will make you cry, smile and think, a lot.

Critics and sites like Rotten tomatoes hated the movie and gave it very bad reviews. Yes, the movie hast its flaws but I just think they did not get the message this film is trying to share.

Let’s talk about the plot and by the end you can decide if this film is for you or if you agree with the critics and this movie should not have been produced in the first place.

Will Smith plays the main character. His name is Howard Inlet and he is an advertisement executive, one of the company’s owners. His young daughter died 2 years ago and he never recovered from it. His marriage ended, the company is going down and he is a mess. As part of the healing process Howard writes letters to Love, Time and Death, as he believes those are the 3 things that connects us. We long for love; we wish we had more time ; and we fear death

His friends and business partners decide to do something for fear of losing the company and also for him. As they hear he wrote to Death, Time and Love, they decide to hire actors to play this role and pretend to be those 3 thigs and confront Howard. If this was real life this would be the sickest joke anyone could ever play on someone. Playing with soemone’s sanity and pain like that is not nice, to say the least. But in the movie we are not quite sure if those 3 are real actors or the things itself that not only came to confront and help him heal but also to help his partners deal with their own problems.

It is interesting to see how each one of them partners up up the one thing they are struggling with in life. Whit, who is having trouble connecting with his daughter helps love prepare. Claire is worried that it may be too late for her to have children and she prepares time and finally Simon, who is fighting a terminal cancer no one knows about must prepare death to confront Howard.

For me, those dialogs were the best part of the movie. How when they were talking about Howard they were many times referring to their own issues and concerns. Also the second confrontation between Howard and Death, time but especially love still make me sigh. It is amazing to think how much is at the base of so many other things.

Howard also starts participating a grief support group where we meet madeleine, who lost her daughter, Olivia. I will not give you the spoiler, but the way they unfold this was somewhere between amazing and strange. Sorry! You will have to watch it to see what I mean. Or find a blogpost that gives you that spoiler.

Exercises and vocab list and flashcards  coming soon!



Episode 12: Kiefer Sutherland – the only survivor

In this weeks episode Jennifer discusses the series Designated Survivor.

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Imagine this picture, on the night of the State of the Union address, an explosion kills the US president and all members of his Cabinet. The only exception is the U.S Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman who was the designated survivor of the night. In the same evening, Kirkman is sworn in as President.

This guy was like number 14 in the line of succession. They show us a man who does not seem to be a leader, who seems weak, never wanted power nor had much ambition. One more detail, this normal guy is played by Kiefer Sutherland.

This is how the show starts. It is a trucky beginning because you have an amazing actor but what seems a weak character. You are also not so sure where the show is headed. Will it focus on politics, power, terrorism…?

As the episodes develop, though, you see there is a lot happening under the surface and not everything and everyone is what is seems. But the hightpoint of this first half of season 1 was certainly episode 10, the last one so far. As we contain our curiosity to know exactly what happened in that episode until the series starts again in a few weeks listening to the show might help you revise facts and keep in touch with the show. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Arrival – more than an alien invasion


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I decided to watch this movie  because I like sci-fi but was not expecting what I found.

Thought it was just another alien invasion movie. Could not be more wrong! The movie is not really about aliens at all!

Surprised? Well, I was too! But it was a pleasant surprise!

It focuses on language and the importance of communication and as a teacher and a lover of languages that part really stuck with me. I truly believe that if we communicated better or spoke each other languages better and understood and respected the differences in culture and habits many problems we face today could be avoided.

It also focuses on relationships and love. But before we get deeper into those issues lets summarize the plot.

12 spacecrafts land on earth in different countries. They float above the ground. Every 18 hours a hatch opens in the shell’s lower tip, admitting a delegation into the gravity-bending interior.

The aliens are called heptapods and they are a mixture of squid, spider, whale and mangrove. Their way of communicating as also unique. One symbol that seems like a coffee mug satin means whole phrases. They have something to say, and the race to figure out what it is gives the movie its amount of adrenaline and excitement you would expect from a sci-fy.

But why 12, exactly? And why those specific locations? I read somewhere that Arrival is a puzzle box.And they are right. Besides the aliens and the many questions they arouse, we have the main character played by Amy Adams. And there, inside her, seems to be an entire other story going on. Until we start getting a feeling her pain is connected to the main event. But we only figure out just how much her personal struggle and pain is connected to the vents and the flashes we see throughout the film are related to the aliens arrival towards the end.

It is one of those movies that make you reflect about quite a few things.

The exercises, flashcards and vocab list will be available until Sunday.

Episode 10: Revival fever

In this episode, Jennifer discusses this new revival and reboot fever going on. Especially by Fox. Many old series are coming back. Sometimes with more seasons and sometimes completely new. Some of the series mentioned in this episode are: X-Files, Gilmore Girls, 24 Hours, Prison Break, MacGyver, Fuller House and many more.

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Big thanks to our sponsor, logo-png, a language club that launched in January 2017 and that offers a multitude of courses, some of them focused on movies and series, including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

Would you like to know all the rebbots and revivals that we already have and also which ones are coming? This list seems quite complete: HERE 

Prison Break trailer:

24 Legacy trailer:

Turn on the subtitles to listen and read at the same time! 😉


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Episode 9: A disappointment called GG

In this episode, Jennifer discusses the series Gilmore Girls. She tells us why she was disappointed with the series although she enjoyed watching all episodes of the original series. She then talks about the revival, he expectations and what she thought of it.

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Big thanks to our sponsor, logo-png, a language club that launched in January 2017 and that offers a multitude of courses, some of them focused on movies and series, including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

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