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I read the book A knight of the Seven Kingdoms, a GoT prequel in December 2016 and the book is just brilliant! Any GoT fan who, just like me, feels sometimes lost because we hear about a lot of facts that happened in the past (in the series and in the books) but never in detail, will find some answers with the tales of Dunk and Egg. The book consists of 3 tales or novellas: The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword and The Mystery Knight which had already been published as part of other books.

The story happens around 100 years before Game of Thrones. We see Aegon Targaryen (the father of the mad king) as a boy, travelling through Westeros with a knight called Sir Duncan the Tall, or just Dunk for friends. They embark on many adventures together. The book just flows, is very easy to read, having less description of the landscape and places than the GoT book series.

The story happens in a time when Targaryens still reign, but conflicts inside and outside the family make it a dangerous place for a prince to be outside the walls of a castle. That is why Aegon, known as Egg, travels incognito as Duncan’s squire. Always keeping his hair short as it would help people identify him. Sir Duncan is a true hero (which is something unusual in Martin’s world, where everyone has a dark secret) and his loyalty to Egg, to  the truth and to what is right are quite refreshing.

In this first book we also learn a bit more about the famous Blackfyre Rebellions where we had bastard Targaryens  fighting against legitimate Targeryen children for the Throne. It also helps us understand  more of the feudal system of Westeros. We are presented to forefathers of Houses Baratheon, Stark, Frey as well.

The book helped me understand how the mad King came to power (his father was the fourth son of a fourth son – so had very few chances of becoming a  king), how the Targaryen family was already weakened, even before Roberts rebellion and, of course, the dynamic of the Seven Kingdoms while under the rule of one family for hundreds of years. It is totally worth reading! If you are a fan of GoT you will not regret it! Am looking forward to the other books 🙂 !



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GoT prequel


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