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Game of Thrones, special epsiode 5 (S7, ep 5)

As Game of Thrones S7 continues, we are back for another episode!

In this episode we will talk about the fifth episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (13/08). We will have one episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion…



Good morning, GoT fans! So, how did you survive this week’s episode? And last week’s episode? Man! Every episode now for me is like, wow! And what about you? What do you think of this season so far? We are past the middle of it. Episode 5 already! O my God! Only 2 more episodes to go! I’m happy and I’m excited and so anxious at the same time. Cause it’s almost at the end already! It’s just… 7 episodes is not enough. Not enough. Not when you have a series as great as this one.

We start episode 5 and we see who saved Jamie. I was Bron. And Jamie of course… funny guy, right… he complains to Bron that he could have killed him. Like yeah, no. The dragon would not have killed me. But the way you pulled me into the water I could have died. I’m like, really Jamie? Are you serious? But okay, yeah. So Bron asks him: what were you thinking when you tried to attack a dragon?  And he says he just wanted to end the war. I mean, killing Daennerys would end the war. That’s for sure. Dumb thing to do when there’s a dragon between you and the person you wanna kill, right? And Bron says that with dragons is where their partnership ends. Because he’s not going to seat around and wait for the dragons to kill him. And Jamie is afraid of what will happen when Daennerys decides to use all 3 dragons at full force to really win a battle. Cause now he has seen just how powerful the Dothraki can be. And how powerful one dragon is. So you imagine 3 dragons. It would be horrible, horrible, horrible.

Then we see Tyrion. He’s walking through the battlefield and he sees the destruction that happened and from his face we can see it really…. How can I say… Those guys are Lannister and he’s a Lannister. He probably knew quite a few of them. So he’s not very happy and he was seeing everything from far away and then we see as Dan… of course, so Jamie and Bron they are like on the other side. So they escaped. But wih the people they stayed in the battlefield. Daennerys is like summoning them all to the same place and she gives them 2 choices. They can either join her or die. I mean, it’s not really a  choice, is there? So you either bend the knee and you join my army or you die. And the Tarly, they refuse to kneel. They are like some stubborn little buggers. And  of course, the father especially, he refuses to even let her send him to the Wall, to take the black. Because he says, you are not my queen. So you can’t really send me anywhere.   And Dickon, he says: if you are gonna kill him, you will have to kill me. And yeah, not so smart but okay. And Tyrion, he tries to convince Daennerys to lock them up for a few days . especially the son and then let him think again about what he’s doing. But she’s determined that if she gives them this choice, a lot of people will make that choice and she says she doesn’t want to take prisoners. She doesn’t want to have people  in shakles. Because she’s actually breaking shakles, right. So how is she supposed to have prisoners like that. She decides, okay. You don’t want to join me, I respect that but then Drogon will kill you. And that’s what she does. Because usually people would decapitate, right. But she says well, I’m not doing that. I’m not beheading people. I am burning them. It sort of remembers us of what her father did. I am more and more worried with Daennerys, you know. She’s becoming her father’s daughter more and more over time. Between her and Cersey I don’t know who has caused more trouble with fire. Maybe Cersey. Because of the wildfire. I don’t know. But yeah. Those are 2 crazy ladies. And she says: I’m nothing like Cersey! Yes, you are!

But then again, coming back here to the episode. Daennerys sentenced both Tarlys to death and Drogon does his job and then we see Jamie arriving at Kingslanding. And he and Cersey are talking about the loses and the future and the mercenaries… and Jamie tells Cersey that actually Olenna killed Joffrey. That she was responsible and that she confessed it just before dying. And so, first Cersey does not wanna believe it.   But then thinking better about it she agrees that she was telling the truth when she confessed. And she says (Cersey), she doesn’t think they have any choice but to keep fighting Daennerys because she does not think that Daennerys is just going to forget what happened so far. And Jamie’s not really convinced because he saw what happened, he saw the destruction … so he knows they are going to lose if Daennerys really decides to come in and attack them with full force.

Then we go back to Dragonstone and Drogon is back. Poor Drogon, he’s hurt but he’s doing okay. And we see this amazing scene where Jon Snow is waiting for them and Drogon just keeps approaching, approaching and they are like really face to face. And poor Jon Snow, you can see the guy is shaking and all fibers in his body are telling him: just run, you fool! But he stays. He’s a brave guy. Stupid maybe, but brave. And he stays there and because he does not know he’s a Targaryen right? And he takes his glove of and he lets Drogon smell him and then he touched Drogon and Daennerys I like: what the hell is going on?? Cause yeah, I mean. Drogon is not a friendly type of animal. And so she comes down and she’s: well, aren’t they amazing? And they talk a little bit about how the dragons are her children … but yeah, it was a nice moment seeing Drogon and Jon connecting. It really is. But yes, in that moment she tells Jon that it doesn’t matter how big they get, how scary they are. They are her children. And they really are, because she does not think she can ever have children of her own again.

And then we see an amazing, beautiful, touching reunion. Jorah arrived. She was having a  moment with Jon and then the Dothraki came and said well Khaleesi, this man says he knows you, he’s a friend. Daennerys sees Jorah… we can see like her eyes were watering, she was just so happy that he’s back and he says he’s cured. And he asks if she would have him and then we see Jon and Jorah making acquaintance. To see that as good servant he did what she asked. He found a cure.

Then we go back to Winterfell and Bran, he’s like warging. Apparently he could see what all those crows were seeing. And the crows, of course, they go like beyond the wall. And we see this huge army of White Walkers. It’s just wow! A lot of people. And the crows were flying and seeing where everyone was and what was going on but then, when the Night King, he saw the crows is like he broke the connection.

I’m really curious to see and learn more about the story of the Night King and to see who he really is and … because there has to be a connection with the Starks although he does not look like a proper Stark if you want. He was like a red head. Before the children of the forest, they made him into the Night King. But I don’t know. A lot of people think he actually used to be a Stark. Who knows. George Martin knows.  Maybe. But we will have to wait and see if they tell us this story. Or if they at least give us some explanation on how they are all connected. Because I’m pretty sure he is connected to the Starks. Because he keeps staring at Jon so hard. I don’t know. He sees all those crows and the connection is cut. And he (Bran) then tells the maester they have to send ravens and they send ravens not just to Jon Snow, but apparently they sent ravens to many places telling them: look, they are coming.

And we go to the citadel and the maesters, they are discussing Bran’s message and Sam is there and he’s listening and he’s listening how they talk about this cripple boy who claims he can see through those ravens and blah, blah blah. And of course Sam, he can never keep his mouth shut, right? And he says: are you talking about Bran Stark? Because he is telling the truth. And they go like yeah, maybe yes, maybe no. and he says: Look, you are so powerful and everyone respects what you say. If you tell people, they should believe this story. They are going to believe it. And they are going to prepare. And so this maester, this high maester that Sam is training with. He says : don’t worry, we will get to the bottom of it. We will know for sure because maybe this is just a  plot and we cannot let people use us like that. And yeah, Sam is just getting restless , right? He knows he should be learning more, he should be doing more. Because they are coming. So he’s not very happy when he sees that those maesters they are not really ready to do something.

We go back to Dragonstone and we see Tyrion and Varys talking about Daennerys and what she did and they are of course worried because like me, they see that she’s becoming more and more like her father. She’s ruthless, she is not afraid to kill people if she has to. Even though… yes, she’s not crazy. So she’s not just killing people for the pleasure of killing. But she’s not afraid to do that. She’s not afraid of making tough decisions. Varys was holding the message that Bran sent and so now Jon finds out Arya is alive and she is in Winterfell; Bran is alive. He’s in Winterfell. But he’s not exactly very happy even though he should be, right. But he’s not happy because of the message that Bran sent. That he saw all those White Walkers waking and coming to Eastwatch. And so they start discussing what they can do, right. Because they need to unite fronts with Cersey to be able to do that. And at least make a cease fire because they cannot fight the walkers and Cersey at the same time. There’s just not enough people to do that. So they decide to go beyond the wall, capture a walker, bring it back to the south and show it to Cersey. So she can believe they exist and maybe then she will agree to a cease fire.

And so they are planning on how they are gonna do this. Tyrion is going to Kingslanding and he’s gonna talk to Jamie so that Jamie can talk to Cersey. Because Cersey only listens to Jamie. Sort of.  And someone has to go beyond the wall to capture a white. So Jorah says : if you allow me, I will go. And the Jon says: the free folk, the wildlings, they can help but they will not help Sir Jorah. So I have to go with them. And at that moment you see like… I mean, when Jorah said he was going, Khaleesi already was not very happy. But the when Jon says that, you can see like her heart is racing and she’s like oh my God, Oh my God. He might go and never come back. Is like you can see all the thoughts going through her mind while she was trying to find the right word to say please don’t go. And she says: Well, but I didn’t  give you permission to go. And the he’s like: I’m sorry  your Grace but I don’t need your permission. I’m a king. I can go. There’s nothing she can say right? Then he says: When I came here I was trusting someone I did not know. Now I need you to trust me.

And of course she knows there’s nothing else she could say than just farewell.

Then we go back to Winterfell again and we see how the people in the North, they are getting anxious because  the winter is there and Jon Snow is not and they are putting pressure on Sansa saying: Maybe we should not have chosen Jon Snow, we should have chosen you. And we see Arya, she’s always observing. And she’s not very happy to see how Sansa is dealing with this whole situation and she suspects that Sansa has other intentions. That she actually wants to ‘dethrone’ Jon Snow if you want and she wants to be Lady Stark. She wants to be the one commanding or head of the family.

And the we see again Tyrion and Davos, they arrive at Kingslanding. In this episode we keep coming and going and cutting through scenes. Davos goes to find Gendry . Yay! Gendry is back! And Bron takes Jamie to the dungeon to talk to Tyrion. Of course Jamie does not know  he’s going there to talk to Tyrion, otherwise he would not have gone. So Tyrion and Jamie, they talk. Tyrion presents to Jamie this idea they have. If she agrees, we will have proof. Because in the mean time Jon Snow and the others; they are going  to Eastwatch  to catch a white. Then we see how Davos and Gendry, they go to the boat and then some soldiers come and Davos pays them because Davos is not really a soldier. He does not like to fight and Gendry is … he does not know how to fight with a sword but he has this huge hammer. When the soldiers were leaving, they see Tyrion coming and they go: we were looking for someone just like you some time ago. Then Davos tries to pay them off but of course this time they’re not taking money. So, Gendry kills them.

We see how Jamie goes to talk to Cersey about Tyrions preposition. No, proposition. And she actually takes it quite well. She’s not crazy. She’s not screaming. She knew, of course, that Tyrion had been there and everything that had happened, sort of. She did not know what they talked about. But she knew they were talking. And she asks if Jamie is going to punish Bron for betraying him and taking him to see Tyrion. And she says: Well, maybe we should listen to what Daennerys has to say. And the she tells Jamie why. She needs time because she is pregnant again. She is expecting a  baby. Jamie’s baby. He’s moved by that. Because this time he really is going to be the father, not just the uncle. And he says: Well, people re not gonna like this idea of us having a baby. She says… just looks at him like: who cares, right. I’m the queen. I can do whatever I want. And then they say that Lannister phrase: The lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of the sheep. They can do whatever they want.

The we go already back to Dragonstone and I mean. Things are moving so fast now.  We don’t see people traveling anymore. It’s just like they  appear in places. So it’s very confusing to have any idea how much time is passing by while all of this is happening. Because traveling, even with the boats. It should take some time. But things are just happening fast. No time here!   We see Davos and Gendry. They are back in Dragonstone already.  And Davos is taking Gendry to see Jon Snow because they just arrived and he keeps telling Gendry: look, let me do the talking. They should not know who you are. But of course, when Gendry see Jon he says : I’m Robert Baratheon’s son. Our fathers, they used to be best friends. Davos goes like:  Okay, he was supposed to keep that as a secret because all Robert’s children are supposed to be dead and Davos saved him. And, question here. What happened to Theon? I mean, we just saw him arriving. We never saw him leaving. No one is talking about Theon anymore.  Good question. Is like people just forgot he even exists. No idea. But okay. Back here to what happened in this episode.

We see Jon and Gendry talking. And Gendry is going with Jon beyond the wall. Then we see the group leaving and Daennerys saying goodbye to everyone. And Jorah wanted to say something to her but then Jon and the others arrived. So he has to cut it or hold it for the next encounter maybe. So yes, when Jon is leaving he says: at least if I don’t come back you don’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore. And she says: but I’m kinda getting used to him. By now. So yay.. love is in the air… yes, something like this. We will see. And poor Jorah. He loves Daennerys but sorry men! The Targaryen family. They tend to stick together!

Then, really really great moment! And I a not sure how many people actually have understood just how important this next moment is. We see Sam and Gilly and they are in the Citadel and they are talking and they are reading. Sam is copying those scrolls and Gilly is reading a book from the maester Highsepton Maynard. This guy just wrote everything down. And she’s like: do you know how many steps and do you know how many windows and blah, blah, blah. But then, she’s like: Sam, what is an annulment. And my ears were already ringing like I annulment, annulment. Did anyone say annulment? Because an annulment is what people used to do or maybe the even still do. When someone is married and they don’t want to be married anymore. It’s like to cancel a marriage license or something. Because he wrote here about a guy named … but she does not say Raeger, she says Ragger. Maybe that’s why a lot of people didn’t really pay attention because eit really seemed like small talk. And that is the thing with GoT. So much important information is given to us as a small talk it’s amazing. That’s why I watched now the first season 5 times and every time I see I go like: O my God! I did not see this before. It’s amazing.  We see how Gilly is reading this book that Raeger got an annulment when they were in Dorne and the same maester already married him to someone else. But, when she was going to read who this someone else was, Sam just stands up and he’s fed up with this whole situation and he decides to do something. What does Sam do? He goes int the library. He takes all the scrolls and books. I think he knows talk about white walkers and the long night. And he takes a wagon and they leave. So that’s where we are right now. Sam is just fed up. He knows they don’t have time for him to complete his training. He needs to learn and he needs to learn fast because they are coming. He needs to find an answer. And yes, big big hopes for Sam there. Because he really has to find something to help the other save the 7 Kingdoms. And then, as they were leaving, Gilly asks him: are you sure? Because you always wanted to be a maester. And then he says something that his father told him some time ago. So this makes me wonder if he already knows his father is dead or not. He says: I am tired of reading about the achievements of better man. So he thinks he has to start acting as well. I couldn’t agree more. But still. It made me think if the maester had a chance to tell him what happened to his father and brother.

Then we go back to Winterfell again and we see how Arya sees Litlefinger plotting and talking to people and she sees as the maester gives him a scroll and Littlefinger even asks him : are you sure this is the only copy? And he hides it in his room so Arya goes there and she finds what it was. She finds the scroll. She takes it. And as Arya leaves the bedroom , we see that Littlefinger was actually there, in the shadows. Seeing. Because he was expecting Arya to do that. What do you guys think? What sort of game is Littlefinger playing now? Cause that guy, he … his plans were if not interrupted, they were changed when Arya and Bran arrived at Winterfell. I’m curious to see how this one will end up. Although I already saw some spoilers and if they are true it’s very  interesting stuff that should happen in the last episode of this season.

And then, last scenes. We see the group arriving at the wall. At Eastwatch. And the Hound and the others, they are already there too. And they are like in prison. Because they were not sure what to do with them. And Gendry tells them they should not trust the guys from the Brotherhood because they sold him to Melisander. But they talk and talk but they decide okay. They need people anyway, right? Jon decides they are all on the same side because they are breathing, right. So it’s basically the dead against the living. He decides they are all going beyond the wall and the Hound and the others , they are part of his group now. And then as the episode ends, we see them going. The door opens and we see the group entering the terrain beyond the wall.

Like I said before. I’m so excited and this season is just so amazing but at the same time episode 5 has finished. We only have 2 more episodes left. It’s not enough. But yes, this season is just so so great. What did you guys think? Did you like this episode? I loved this episode. I must say. I really really loved this episode and I’m pretty sure next episode is going to be even better.

As always, thank you for listening, and please just give us a thumbs up, like and share and send it to your friends… use it in your classes with your students…  okay guys? And I will talk to you next week on the next episode. Bye, bye!

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