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Game of Thrones S7: special episode 3 (S7, ep 3)

As Game of Thrones S7 continues, we are back for another episode of our podcast!

In this episode we will talk about the third episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (30/07). We will have on episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion…

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Hello, hello and good morning from sunny Floripa! How have you been, guys? Good week, bad week, cold week, warm week… And what did you think of GoT episode 3? Man! This is… it’s good! It’s getting there. I mean, so excited! The thing is, that is also the problem, right?  The cooler it gets and then the harder it gets to really wait for the next Sunday and yeah… to see what is going to happen.

I saw yesterday some spoilers, possible spoilers for the next episode. Man! Blown away! About the meeting from Sansa and Arya. So, so great! But well. Let’s start here with episode 3. What do you think? It was one of the most expected moments maybe from GoT. We finally see the meeting between Daennerys and Jon! And I mean, I don’t know what you were expecting but I kinda was hoping for a moment where they look at each other and the something happens or they realize they are like blood or something. But no, nothing.  Nothing at all like that. So I don’t know. Well, Bran said he needs to talk to Jon, right? So yeah, maybe that is when he’s going to find out what is going on. But so, okay, let me rewind here. And like always will give you like a summary and then at the same time say what I think, or some spoilers, some theories and things like this, Okay?

So yeah, the episode starts with Jon arriving at Dragonstone and…  it was very quick, right? I know that time in GoT is strange because we are never sure how much time has passed. But still, I mean, I was expecting at least to see him traveling, going to Dragonstone but  no, he was already there. So yeah, they really are getting to the point here.   When you only have 7 episodes I guess that’s what happens, right? And so, as Jon and Davos arrive there, we see how  they give up their weapons and then we also see how the Dothraki take their ship or ships, right. And then he already goes like, mhm maybe it was a bad idea to come. Maybe not. But he still wasn’t so sure what to think about , everything was going on. And then yeah, Tyrion and Missandei were waiting for him and and he talks to Tyrion. Missandei introduces herself or rather Tyrion introduces Missandei and she says that the Mother of Dragons is waiting for them. Then we see them like climbing Dragonstone if you want. Those stairs. And Tyrion tries to explain to Jon what happened to Sansa or with Sansa if you want, right. Because they got married and he says: Look. I didn’t want it but I tried my best to protect her. And Jon says well, it’s in the past.

And then we see, well, they finally see the dragons. Because Jon had not seen the dragons yet. And of course they get … I mean, they go down to the floor because those beasts are huge! And they were flying really low. So yeah, they were all quite scared.  At the same time we see Melisander. She is far away seeing everything that’s happening and then we see Varys with her. And he’s like: wow, you begged us to bring Jon here, don’t you think it’s a bit strange that you are no there to greet him? And she says she did not part ways with them in good terms. Because we all know she burnt the little princess and Jon has banned her from the North. So she said: I would only be a nuisance, I would only distract him if I was there. So she thinks is best if she stays away. She says she’s going back home to Volantis and Varys says: good idea. You shouldn’t come back. And she says: well, I need to die in a foreign country just like you. And then Varys looks like, how do you know that?

The we see finally yes, Jon Snow arrives at the Throne Room, I think it’s called. And there is Daennerys sitting in her throne and waiting for Jon.

And so she gets introduced, right. I mean, a lot of names. She’s mother of this and blah, blah blah. And she expects Jon Snow to bend the knee. And of course, he doesn’t. So, that is one moment that I thought was kinda interesting to see how they are dealing with the whole power thing. You know. Cause yes, she is the rightful heir but she says she’s the last Targaryen and we know she’s not. Because Jon Snow is also a Targaryen. She says well, I am the only queen from the Seven Kingdoms so if you say you are a king, from the North, then you are in act of rebellion. And that moment, when you see like, it was really getting stressful maybe, the situation. Yes, Varys comes in and he says something in Daenerys’ ears and the she’s… she takes a deep breath and just well… I forgot how tired you must be so you should just go and refresh yourself and see… then we will talk later. And then he asks if he’s a prisoner and she says: not yet. 

But yes, that’s the moment when Varys comes and tells her what happened to Yara, Theon and… I keep forgetting her name. The woman from Dorne.   Alarya, yes. And then well. When Daennerys finds out her whole plan just collapsed because, yeah, she doesn’t really have the ships to take  a siege of Kingslanding and she doesn’t really have the Dornish help anymore. So yup! Things are not looking good for Daennerys and we will talk until the end of this episode how… I mean, if you look in a very critical way. Actually it seems like the war is lost for her already and she has barely begun. Because yeah, she has 3 dragons but they can’t do the entire work alone, right? Even if Cersey doesn’t really have a lot of allies it does not look good for Daennerys. Not at all. Specially if she doesn’t have the help from Jon Snow and company.

So yeah, poor mother of dragons! But again. She was a bit like… how can I say it… nose in the air, maybe. Maybe the power is going to her head, you know. Cause she’s like: yeah…  I mean, the man doesn’t know her. The other way around it also goes. Jon then wants her to believe in his whole story of the White Walkers and that the dead are coming … and yeah, no one has seen a White Walker in I don’t know how many hundred years. And the same was true for dragons. No one had seen a dragon in 3, 400 years. They were all dead. They are like walking on eggs or something like that… egg shells… because they have responsibilities and they have power but at the same time they need each other and they will have to find a way slowly now … how to coexist, work together and things like this.

Continuing here we see Theon being rescued… so, some people from the Iron Islands, they rescued him. They ask him: is you sister dead? He says: well, no. Euron has her. I tried to rescue her but I couldn’t.  And the the guy looks at him and says: well, if you has really tried, you wouldn’t be here. And I guess he knows that… we all know that, right? If he really had tried to save Yara he would be dead. Maybe that’s why he chose to jump ship.

And then we see how Euron arrives at Kingslanding with the 3 women behind him and man! People are cheering and they are so happy to see him. Like a parade, you know. And he’s feeling good! He’s like: Oh, man! That’s the life! That’s what I want! People love me! And it’s really funny because he seems to be very cruel. Some people even say he might be even more cruel then Ramsey. Not sure about that yet. Could be. The present he promised Cersey in this case was Alarya, right? He gives her Alarya and her daughter. And apparently he will keep Yara for himself. And what he said when he gave her Alarya, I thought it was very interesting. He told her: I give you justice for the murder of your daughter. Because that was something that Jamie could not do. Because yeah, by the time Mircela died, they were already in the middle of the ocean and on the way home. So he didn’t really just turn back and try and find whoever poisoned her. That was a very interesting point too. And the she (Cersey) tells Euron he will get what he wants . But, they will only get married after the war is won. Very clever that woman! In the end you must like her. I mean, it’s impossible not to see just how clever and intelligent she is. She’s really really good! Specially with what we see later. What she did. Where she put all her soldiers and how she attacked. Wow! She was born to be a leader! She’s a bad one. But yeah, if she wasn’t so crazy and so mean, she would be an amazing queen.

Then, of course, we see Cersey telling Alarya how she’s going to make her pay for killing Cersey’s only daughter. And we see that she intends to make feel the same she felt. Because she gave Alarya’s daughter the same poison that killed Mircella. And of course they are both trapped in a dungeon or something. She said that Alarya is going to stay there and have to watch her daughter die slowly and then she will stay there and she will have to wait and see her daughter rot. How cruel is that. I mean, yeah, okay. she loved Mircela, but still. Come on. That is way too cruel! But okay, that’s Cersey, right! The one who exploded and killed everyone downtown.

So, what else do we have here. Oh yeah. Right after that she goes to Jamie’s room or maybe  Jamie was in her room and they spend the night together and then in the next morning someone knocks at the door and Jamie says: don’t open it because people can’t really see us like that.

And she says: Well, I’m the queen now. So, who cares. I can do whatever.

And she goes and opens the door. Someone tells her that a visitor from Bravos is there and as Cersey goes to see and talk to that person we see that it is someone from the Iron Bank. Because as we know, they owe a lot of money to the bank and yes, Castlery Rock doesn’t have any gold left. The situation is bad. So the guy tries to convince Cersey tp give him the money they owe because otherwise maybe they will go and give money to Daennerys. And as they talk and talk and she says: Look, if you stay -I think a fortnight or something like this – then I will give you all the money I owe you. I’m not sure how she intends to do that. Maybe because in Highgarden they have money and she is expecting Jamie to come back or something. So that she can give the guy the money. Or that Euron had some. I don’t know where she’s… where she thinks she’s gonna get the money so quickly. But well, she thinks she can and of course, for the bank money is money, right. They don’t really care who seats on the Throne. As long as they have the money they are happy.

Then we see…. We go back to Dragonstone. Yeah, we spend a lot of time in Dragonstone this time. And we see Tyrion and Jon talking. Jon of course is not very happy. He feels like a prisoner. And Tyrion said he has his troubles too, right. Cause he just found out all their allies are dead or gone. And the, in the end , Tyrion knows. For him it’s clear. They need Jon’s help. And the help of the North. And so he asks Jon what he can do for Jon. I mean, if Jon has  a request that he could actually try and convince Daennerys to grant. And so yes, Jon says okay well. Maybe you don’t want to help me defeat the White Walkers but maybe you could let me mine Dragonglas. Because that’s one of the reasons why he went to Drangonstone in the first place. Because they need Dragonglas. So Tyrion talks to Daennerys and in the end she agrees to let Jon mine it. And she even says that she will give him manpower to do so. I mean, anything he needs. Someone.  Probably the Dothraki or someone else. They will help him. To mine it and do whatever he needs. So that is cool and then he asks her if that means that she believes him. She doesn’t answer. She just tells him: You should hurry. So yeah… do you think what? She still doesn’t…  he’s hard to believe, right. When you haven’t seen them (the White Walkers). But do you think maybe she just doesn’t want to say yes or no or maybe she’s doubting … but they seem like… more friendly maybe. One thing I don’t understand is why it is that so far she hasn’t even contemplated the idea of marrying Jon. Because yeah, if he’s the King in the North. She needs him, he needs her. An easy way to solve this problem would be for them to marry. Because then yeah, who cars. He’s the king, she’s the queen. But yeah, maybe she’s not ready to get married again. Cause she lost Drogo, the she had that lover … yeah, maybe she’s not ready. Who knows!

What else happened . Then we go back to Winterfell and we see how Sansa is all: I am the Lady Sansa Stark and she really was prepared to be a lady, right. So she’s giving orders, she’s asking questions, she’s making sure they have enough food. Because they don’t know how long this winter is gonna last and she really is stepping up. I thought this was really great. And it really suits her. She’s good at that. And Littlefinger knows that too. Because he goes to her like: yeah, you were born for that and she just looks at him like: Aha.keep hoping. You’re not getting it, man! And then someone arrived and it was Bran! And Sansa was really moved. She was happy to see him but I thought it was so strange when she huged him. She was all crying and everything and his face was like. I don’t know, blank. Without any feelings. I mean, it almost looked like he was annoyed. And that I thought was very very strange. What d you think this means? Cause I mean we all know Bran knows the past and the future. So, do you think maybe this means Bran knows Sansa is gonna do something and something that he does not agree with. But he can’t really influence her maybe now or something like this. I don’t know. I just really thought so strange. And then they go to the Old Gods and they talk and Bran tries to explain to her how it works, being a 3 Eyed Raven. But Sansa doesn’t get it .To try and prove to her what it is that he can do, he starts telling her about the day she got married to Ramsey. Because he wasn’t there. He was nowhere near there. But still he talked about how it was snowing, how beautiful her dress was… so she said: well, I need to go. And she went. She did not wanna listen anymore.

And then we see Jorah and he seems cured. His skin doesn’t look so good yet but yep. They are letting him go. And its all because of Sam! Of course they lied to the Maester and the in the end, when Sam and Jorah, they were saying goodbye they say they they’d meet again. I think it might happen. They might cross paths  again. And then we see how Sam talks to the Maester  and of course he’s afraid they might expel him, he’s not so sure what’s gonna happen. And the the Maester tells him: Look, you should be proud, you saved his life. But it was very dangerous, what you did. Because a lot of people had tried it and it did not work. And then, when this happens, of course Sam thinks: Okay, so now he , he’s going to reward me for what I did. But he doesn’t.  Or maybe he did, and Sam just doesn’t realize it. Because we are not sure what is written in all those papers he’s supposed to copy. So maybe all those papers are about the White walkers. And the guy found this as a way to indirectly maybe help him in his search. Who knows. Could be.  

And what else. Yeah, some people really think that all those things happening with Sam, they are big indications that in the end we will find out the story was already written by Sam. So everything we see now already happened and Sam of course already knows the end of it. That would be interesting, right. To have like a last scene where we see Sam closing the book. That he was reading, who knows, maybe to his son or something like this. But back to episode 3, so we see then the Unsullied attacking Castlery Rock and later how the Lannister Army attacked Highgarden. And that I thought was so clever. They all thought the army was going to be guarding Castlery rock but of course they were not, because they know Tyrion and as Tyrion is the one who was doing the whole strategy, they though we’re gonna play him. They only left enough people in Castlery Rock for them not to get too suspicious maybe. And then Euron Greyjoy burnt all the ships so now they can’t just leave by sea, they will have to march. And winter is coming so it’s not gonna be anything beautiful to see. And in the meantime they (Lannisters) were attacking Highgarden and the we see in the end as Jamie is talking to … I always forget her name… Olenna. And he gives her this poison and they are talking. She said: Well, Cersey. She’s gonna be the end of you. And he says well, maybe. But then right before she dies, we see her all proud telling him she was happy, she was not going to die like Joffrey. And she tells him actually, she is the one who killed Joffrey. And the Jamie goes like:  what? But well, yeah. It’s too late. The poison he gave her Is not going to make her hurt half as much. But she tells Jamie: Please tell Cersey. I want Cersey to know I did it. So it wasn’t Tyrion. It was no one else. It was her. She was responsible for killing Joffrey. Men, what an ending!

So, what do you think is gonna happen next week. Do you think… on the next episode. Do you think Daennerys and Jon will get along? Well, like I said, from the spoilers I saw already we will have this meeting between Arya and Sansa . it’s about time! Arya finally arrives home, so we will have 3 of the Starks back home now. Sansa, Bran and Arya. And what else do you think is gonna happen? I think is also about time that we see the Hound again and where he and those other guys are. If they are going to the Wall or wherever it is that they are going. I think we might also see how Jorah gets back to Dragonstone and I am really looking forward to see how it is that this is going to play out. Is Daennerys just going to agree that Jon returns home? Is she going to agree that Jon goes to the wall and finds a White walker and then brings it to her to prove that he’s not crazy? I don’t know! What do you think is gonna happen? As the story develops, you get more and more obsessed with what is going to happen, right? Spoilers are good but sometimes the surprise is very good too. Right guys? So, I wish you and amazing week, and we will talk again very soon on the next episode! Bye, bye!


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