New series that you should watch (or not) and why

The year is coming to an end and I guess all the series that will be released this year have already been released. I must say that in the first semester, well actually almost until October, I thought this was a very bad year for series. Besides Luke Cage, Stranger Things and Billions I could not find other new series that excited me.

But then, there came October! I wish I had less work or my days were longer because on top of many series that I follow coming back, some very interesting new series started. I still have a list of new series that I have not had the chance to check yet: 3%, the new Gilmore Girls, The Crown, Chance, Shooter, Falling Water and so many others. Have you started waching any of those? If you have, please let me know what you thought!

Below you will find my top 5 (very very hard picking only 5). Some like Pure Genius are not on the list because I haven’t watched many episodes yet, but the more I watch the more I think it should be on the top 5.

In the text I will not focus on  general top new series, but on top series by genre. and let me start with comedy. I must say that it is hard for me to like any comedy series. Usually they are too dull for me (I am very picky). Last year there was Fuller House that was OK, but this year I found Speechless. This series is just amazing! It is funny, intelligent, discusses some important issues in a very light way. One of the things that impressed me the most about the show, besides the actress that plays the mum of the family who is just amazing, is the main character and how they turned a story that had everything to be a drama into a very light and intelligent comedy. It was really refreshing.

There has always to be a new doctor or hospital series. This year though, they innovated. On Pure Genius we see a hospital for lost causes or for very difficult cases but the main focus is the technology and how technology can help cure people or treat people. I have not seen the entire first season yet, but so far it is just an amazing series to watch. It is perfect for geeks, but also for people who like doctor series, it has romance, a bit of drama and some funny moments. You should ckeck it out!

A theme that is also recurrent lately is the end of the world scenario. We have all the zombie apocalypse series, we had Falling Skyes and Revolution and now we have the Aftermath. I am still not sure what I think of it, as it mixed a strange disease with some biblical and sci-fi elements. We have spirits/demons possessing people, skinwalkers, mythical creatures, and the whole end of the world survival problem. If you are open-minded and don’t mind not having all the answers or understanding why some things are happening you can give it a try!

On the sci-fi historical front this year we have Timeless. It is a great series for history buffs! Imagine having a time machine a going back in time and meeting important historical figures as Abraham Lincoln, Bonnie and Clyde, 007 and many others! Well, in each episode that’s what happens, you go back in time to an important moment in history to try and save it, as there is someone trying to change the past. I just love history and so, I have great fun and am amazed that something like this could maybe be possible some day!

Netflix rocked this year with at least 3 series so far (that I’ve watched): Luke Cage, Stranger Things and Designated Survivor. As many of you probably already watched Stranger Things as it was a big hit this year and we already had an episode on Luke Cage, I will focus only on Designated Survivor. It is perfect for those who love 24 hours, Homeland and all those series that mix politics, CIA and FBI, terrorism and international issues and lots and lots of action. I mean, by the choice of the main character (Kiefer Sutherland)  you can already know this show is going to be amazing. So there is a bomb that kills the entire US governement and the only survivor is the designated survivor of that evening, the secretary  of housing (way down the power ladder) who is played by Kiefer Sutherland. He is not a leader and has a country divided by fear and other people trying to gain power right from the start of his mandate.

Billions comes into the sort of series like Suits, White Collar, or even movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. I don’t now of any series that discusses a similiar issue in this way. You have a billionaire who became a billionaire right after the September 11 attacks and he is very excentric. He is being investigated because some people think he cheated and still cheats to make so much money with investments. The series is full of intrigue and nothing is as it seems. It also gives you an interesting view into the life of billionaires and of what is possible with that kind of money.

As for Westworld, please listen to our podcast, where we compare it to another series that has humanoid robots, Humans.


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