A strange doctor

doctor-strangeI must admit, I wasn’t very excited to watch this movie. I thought it was going to be just one more hero movie. The perfect guy fighting against a villain. But thank god I did not let my prejudice stop me! The movie is just amazing and goes way beyond hero vs. villain.

A small summary to get you situated before we discuss deeper issues. This is the 14th Marvel movie and could be considered an action/adventure/sci-fi type of movie. The story starts with a well known neurosurgeon (Doctor Strange) who is also a bit arrogant. He is in a really bad car accident and loses the use of his hands. After that he is lost, because he defined himself as a surgeon and now he cannot be one anymore. He then starts looking for treatments all over the world when he hears about the case of a patient who was a paraplegic after an accident and who is walking again.  This man, Jonathon Pagborn tells him that he visited many healers and sorcerers and that Strange can find answers in Nepal.

Don’t worry, I will not give you any spoilers! In Nepal lives a sorcerer called the Ancient One. The Ancient One has a few disciples and one of them becomes the villain of the story, Kaecilus. He wants to summon Dormamu, a being from the Dark Dimension, where time does not exist an all are immortal.

I think I love this movie so much because for me, topics like multiple dimensions and the power of the mind are just so exciting! If you like topics like that, you are in for a treat! 🙂 Portals to travel to other places, artifacts to play with time-travel, the existence of other dimensions, the use of magic, the existence of magical objects, under other things, can be seen in the movie.

Well, as it is a Marvel production I don’t need to emphasize the quality of the production, special effects and crew (actors and actresses). I thought it was refreshing to see a movie focusing on a topic that is actually discussed by physicists and so is closer to reality, as the possibility of the existence of other dimensions and how reality could be different there.

I can only say it was worth it and suggest you watch it too! Even if you usually don’t watch heroes movies but like the topics I mentioned before, open your mind and prepare to be blown away with Doctor Strange. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with us what you thought of it!

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