Episode #9

#9: The devil on vacation

Welcome to episode number 9 of the OTLE podcast for beginners and intermediates.

Today, Jennifer will discuss about the series Lucifer.

Good morning everyone! How are you doing this week? It’s time for another episode! This time, it is for beginners again. We are going to talk about… the devil? You can ask me: but the devil? What do you mean? Yes, the devil 😊 I even have a picture with the devil’s wings that I took during Comic Con last year. You can see the picture in our website: onthelastepisode.com/09b

Do you know the series called Lucifer? I like it a lot! It is a very funny story. Who knew the devil could be funny? The series Lucifer is about Lucifer, of course. The devil was tired of being alone in hell so he decided to take a vacation. And what better place to do that then in the city of angels? So he went to Los Angeles. There, he bought a nightclub.
What I think is so funny about this series is also the fact that the Devil has a British accent and lives in US. He is very charming and always gets people to do what he wants. But he doesn’t need to hurt them for that. He also has a special power that he can make people tell him their darkest secrets and desires. Well, this works with everyone except one person, a female detective.
Lucifer and the detective meet when a singer that Lucifer helped become famous gets killed in front of him. Lucifer wants to help solve the crime, but the detective doesn’t want his help. When he tries to use his powers of persuasion with her, it doesn’t work. She is immune to him. He then gets curious and becomes a consultant for the police, so that he can be near her and figure out why she is different.
During the series we also see the difficult relationship he has with his father and some of his brothers, but especially with Amenadiel. Lucifer is determined not to go back to hell. He even cuts off his wings to make sure this wouldn’t be possible. God sends Amenadiel after some time to convince Lucifer to go back to hell, as it can’t stay without a boss for very long.

The series also makes us question a few things. Like how we sometimes form an idea about someone based on what we heard or on how the person looks like. Many times we can get the wrong idea. Just like with Lucifer. Is he evil or did he have to do evil things because of the place he was?
Lucifer tells many people who he really is but only very few people believe him. But from time to time he has to show his true face to some bad guys. He is immortal but for some reason, when he is near the detective, he can get hurt and he even bleeds. Lucifer tries telling Chloe, the detective, who he really is but of course she still doesn’t believe it.
The series is in its third season and it’s getting better actually. The story and the plot are getting more and more interesting. Do you watch Lucifer? Do you like it? If you don’t watch it yet, will you give the Devil a chance now?
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She is a language teacher since 2001, an English teacher since 2007 and an on-line language teacher since 2011. She is the founder of the OLC Clube, your Language Club. Jennifer loves watching movies and series, reading, travelling, meeting new people,learning about other cultures and world history, learning in general and teaching.

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