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#6: The Circle for a transparent life

Welcome to episode number 6 of the OTLE podcast for beginners and intermediates.

Today, Jennifer will discuss about the movie The circle. Have you seen it? It is a great movie that discusses the influence of social media in our lives and how much privacy we lose because of it.

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What’s up everyone! How are you this week? And the year is passing so fast! We are already in the middle of February! How was your 2018 so far? Are you prepared to make it an amazing year?
This week we will talk about the movie The Circle. Did you see it? If yes, what did you think? Did you like it? I liked it!
Emma Watson is Mae, one of the main characters of this movie. She is poor, she doesn’t have many opportunities. Her best friend Annie works for a big and famous company called: The Circle. This is a big tech company that is a mixture of Google, Facebook and much more in just one company. With Annie’s help, Mae also gets a job at the company and is very happy. She has now a good salary, benefits…
The company’s moto is that: sharing is caring. And they believe that knowing is good, but knowing everything is better. Does that sound familiar, maybe?
She and the other employees live and spend all their free time inside the company, doing things with the colleagues and sharing. The company develops a new type of camera and they want people to be transparent. What does that mean? To have a camera recording everything you see and do 24 hours a day, every day. With only a few offline minutes when you go to the toilet.
The movie is very interesting and makes you think and question a few things , especially about social media and its use. I really like how the movie criticizes social media. How we all share more and more online. And how we will probably share even more in the future. What about our private life?
The relationship between Mae and her family and friends also changed. Mae changes after she starts to work for The Circle. She doesn’t visit her family so often. She is always busy or doing something inside the company.
I don’t want to give many spoilers. Maybe you didn’t watch the movie!
But there are a few surprises!
Sharing can be good, but when is it too much? Can it be dangerous? Or liberating? Would you accept to have a camera recording everything
you do, 24 hours a day? Like an endless Big Brother? Mae has to deal with those questions at some point during the movie.

Do you think it could be good if people couldn’t lie or hide? What about the people who don’t want to be part of it? Today already people who
don’t use any social media are already considered strange. Do you think total transparency is good? Why? If you like technology, a bit of a
suspense, a good story you will like this movie! It also has some amazing actors!

Is there anything you did not like about the movie? And if you didn’t watch it. Do you want to watch it now? Just tell me what you think! I
hope you enjoyed it. And please yes, like, share, comment on iTunes or on our website. We always love to hear from you. And its also very
very important for us to see what you want, what you don’t want. What you like, what you don’t like. Okay guys? So, I will talk to you soon
again on the next episode! Bye bye!

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