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#5: 12 Monkeys to change the past

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Hello everyone! How are you this week? Are you ready for a new episode? This week we talk about the series called 12 Monkeys.
There are a lot of series about the [simple_tooltip content=’a very serious event resulting in great destruction and change; Pt: apocalipse’]apocalipse[/simple_tooltip] or a post apocaliptical world. There are also some series about time traveling. But there are not many that have [simple_tooltip content=’two people or things together; Pt: ambos’]both[/simple_tooltip].
12 Monkeys is about a group of people trying to change the [simple_tooltip content=’the period before and until, but not including, the present time; Pt: passado’]past[/simple_tooltip]. They want to do that [simple_tooltip content=’used to introduce a clause of purpose; Pt: para que’]so that[/simple_tooltip] 6 billion people don’t die because of a [simple_tooltip content=’any serious disease that kills many people; Pt: peste, epidemia’]plague[/simple_tooltip]. This plague kills almost everyone and [simple_tooltip content=’ as a result of that; Pt: por causa disso’]because of that[/simple_tooltip] society [simple_tooltip content=’you are referring to the form in which it exists now and which is familiar to most people; Pt: como conhecemos’]as we know it[/simple_tooltip] doesn’t exist anymore. No government, no [simple_tooltip content=’the system of rules of a particular country, group, or area of activity; Pt: leis’]laws[/simple_tooltip].
A small group of scientists create a time traveling machine. In 2042 they [simple_tooltip content=’to cause something to go from one place to another, especially by post or email; Pt: enviar’]send[/simple_tooltip] a man back to the past. This man has to find the person responsible for the plague and stop him. Every time he [simple_tooltip content=’to obtain, buy, or earn something; Pt: conseguir, obter’]gets[/simple_tooltip] a new information or [simple_tooltip content=’to finish something successfully or to achieve something; Pt: conseguir, alcançar’]accomplishes[/simple_tooltip] his goal, he goes back to the future. He travels to the past and to the future all the time. But very soon he understands that stopping the plague isn’t [simple_tooltip content=’We use not as … as to make comparisons between things which aren’t equal; Pt: não tão … quanto’]as easy as[/simple_tooltip] stopping a man.
Season 3 finished and season 4 was already confirmed. This series isn’t an expensive production like GOT, so there are some [simple_tooltip content=’an action, decision, or judgment that produces an unwanted or unintentional result; Pt: erro’]mistakes[/simple_tooltip], some effects aren’t so good. But the story is in general well developped. It also makes you ask questions like:
Is it possible to [simple_tooltip content=’to become different; Pt: mudar’]change[/simple_tooltip] the past?
Is it possible to change the future?
If you change the future, what could be the consequences?
There are many moments when I had to stop the video and ask [simple_tooltip content=’used when the subject of the verb is I and the object is the same person; Pt: para si mesmo’]myself[/simple_tooltip]: is this possible? I am not so good with numbers, but I love learning about theories. And in this series you can find some very interesting ideas. Some crazy. Some not so crazy.
Do you know what a paradox is? In the series, you see a paradox when 2 things from 2 different times [simple_tooltip content=’to be so close together that there is no space between; to be in contact; Pt: encostar’]touch[/simple_tooltip] or are very close. This creates an explosion. If time is not a line can this happen? Do you [simple_tooltip content=’ to think that something is true, correct, or real; Pt: acreditar’]believe[/simple_tooltip] one day we can travel to the past? And to the future? Where and when would you go?
In every season we have a new [simple_tooltip content=’a person who hates or opposes another person and tries to harm them or stop them from doing something; Pt: inimigo’]enemy[/simple_tooltip]. Like the next phase on a video game that is more difficult. The criativity of the producers and people writing this series is amazing. When you think they [simple_tooltip content=’to find: to discover, especially where a thing or person is, either unexpectedly or by searching, or to discover where to get or how to achieve something; Pt: encontrar’]found[/simple_tooltip] the person responsible, think again.
I am not sure how many more seasons they can do that, [simple_tooltip content=’despite the fact that; Pt: no entanto, apesar’]though[/simple_tooltip]. After a time it gets boring. But I must say that the name, the identity of the [simple_tooltip content=’ a person who sees an event happening, especially a crime or an accident; Pt: testemunha’]witness[/simple_tooltip] was a surprise, a big big surprise.
Do you watch 12 Monkeys? What do you think? Are you excited for season 4 next year? If you don’t watch it, are you curious now? Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to share, comment and like us. Talk to you on the next episode! Bye bye!

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